5 Best GBA(Gameboy Advance) Emulators for Windows PC

As we have seen emulators before, we are going to see the top 5 Gameboy emulators for Windows PC. The Nintendo famous Gameboy Advance is no longer available in the market, though it had some of the best games available. Today we are going to walk you through some of the emulators to get you running with your games.

Higan GBA emulator

This emulator is one of the simplest emulators and also supports  Famicim, Gameboy color, Sega master system, etc. With its simplistic nature, it can be run on almost any piece of hardware. And it is easy to set up too.

Though with it’s simple structure it has some cons with audio lags and problems during gameplay, however, it is present only in some games.

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mGBA emulator

The mGBA is the best of its kind which can run in more than a platform. This emulator gets you some extra features that aren’t available in the console like saving the game in the middle of the stage, support of cheat codes. The cheat code is a most alate patch. Another noticeable feature of this emulator is that it has a vast library of games.

It is also easy to set up and run. Anyhow one of the disadvantages of this emulator is that you will not be able to access some of the advanced level features of the game.

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VisualBoy Advance

VisualBoy advance is the oldest emulators available in the market. It supports both new and old hardware. Just like the mGBA it allows cheat codes in the game and saving the game in the middle of stages is possible. It even supports controls remapping, screenshots and gameplay recording in-built. The only disadvantage is it might lag on older hardware.

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The smallest and simplest emulator so far we have seen in this list. It is so small that it is so easy to install, which also concurs to losing some advanced levels of the games. It supports all commercial and non-commercial GBA games. All the GameBoy games are available. As we have mentioned above the only con, this emulator has that it does not support any advanced features of the game.

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As the name derives No cash GBA emulator, it is a very famous emulator. The main feature of this emulator is that it supports both BGA and NDS games. Users are also endowed with the capability of connecting controllers. The user can configure the game the way they want. This emulator is useful in many ways, but the drawback of this emulator is that the NDS games might suffer some problems like lags and jitters while the gameplay.

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