Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rooting Your Android Phone Or Tablet

What is android rooting?

Rooting is the process of allowing super user access to the users of android phone of tablet. As Android uses the Linux Kernel, rooting an Android device gives similar access to administrative permissions as on Linus or any other Unix-Like operating system such as FreeBSD or MAC.

Advantages of Rooting:

1.Own your Android Device

Are you thinking if you bought an android phone then you only have the full rights on it? No definitely not your mobile phone manufactures and carriers does not allow that but rooting your android phone give the full access to your android device feel like a professional.

2. Change default boot loader 

All android device comes with the default boot loader or recovery which you cannot able to install any custom ROM’s or change your stock ROM. But rooting gives you the access to flash a custom recovery such as Clockworkmod(CWM) and Team Win Recovery mode into your android mobile or tablet.

3. Install custom ROM

Rooting your android phone give you the access to change your Stock ROM into any custom ROM made for your android device. 

4. Uninstall Preinstalled Apps 

In your android phone you cant able to uninstall any preinstalled apps which comes along with the phone but rooting your android phone give the access to uninstall those kind of apps and install any android rooted apps.

5. Block ads in any app

Though you can install any apps for free but apps comes in those apps irritating you if you have an rooted android phone that will not happen you can block all the ads in any app by using ad block software such as adblock plus etc.

6. Install “Incompatible”a apps

You cannot install some apps due to the security reasons of your android phone but with rooting you can install any kind of apps which are blocked by your carriers and manufactures also.

Disadvantages of Rooting

1. Your warranty will be void:

Rooting an Android device will void its warranty. android root tools will un-root but
it will not work every time. So this particular problem is definitely situation dependent. 

2. Bricking

This is the dreaded word of the rooting world. When you brick your device, it simply means your Android device is now a very fancy and very unusable brick. Yes, there are ways to fix it. It can be surprisingly easy to brick your device. The list of ways is mountain sized. 
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