10 Best Free Anime Sites To Watch Anime Online

Animated movies and series there are a lot of mad fans are present among this century, the people from the 20th and 21st century whoever they maybe kid or adult or teenager all loves and have the wiliness to watch anime. If they need to watch more and more animated series where they can watch and how to watch, these will be discussed in this article.

Best Anime Sites to Watch Online:

Are you an ardent fan of anime and you need to watch the anime series but you don’t know where and how? Don’t worry, and we will tell you how and where to watch anime series on the internet. In this article, I’m going to share the best 10 anime sites here, found and enjoy your series.

Gogo Anime

Some sites are available only to particular region or country, but while coming to this site, it is available worldwide, It is a website which is dedicated solely for the anime series, and it is a favorite one for anime fans. This site contains an android application too to watch the anime web series on your mobile, and you may surf your play store to get it. This site also provides many anime series dubbed in English.

Anime Freak

The original anime-type is available in this anime site. This site home page is in Japanese style, with brightness and colorful too. This contains more exclusive series which are not found on the other sites. This includes both dubbed and original series version. Play store includes this app Anime Freak’s don’t hesitate to download.


The wide range of anime series and films are available in high quality in this HULU anime website. This is not a worldwide accessible but accessible in the US, UK, Europe and some parts of Asia. You have to use VPN to access over other than these countries.

Crunchy Roll

This is the legal anime site which is used to ask you to register for a membership account to gain all access to the series. For each and every hour you will receive an update for the latest episode. It is accessed in most of the countries in the world.

Anime Heaven

It is a free anime site which is used to download the videos in high quality, and the anime series is appropriately arranged, it does not have any mobile application but easier to use in the desktop sites. Some of the famous series which are found in this site are one-piece, Hunter x Hunter and Naruto. This site contains no advertisement.


This site contains high-quality videos with a range of 240p, 720p, and 1080p. This site provides lots of anime resources, and this site also satisfies most of the anime fans. Both the dubbed version and original version of the videos are available. The download option will get enable after you get register or login to the kissanime account.

Anime Crazy

This is also one of the leading sites to watch anime, and this site contains some series which are popular are Naruto, WonderMomo, awaken females, and much more. This site may cause some issue as discussed below,

The computer can redirect to some inaccessible webpages, to overcome this remove your DNS cache and reopen the website this will solve this problem.


It is the most effective anime site, which contains data with the various video qualities of 720p and 480p. This site will feature all the release date of the anime based on your watch history recommendation. So anime fan will be excited to watch their recommended new series.


This site is different from other sites which contain offline watching, and you may also make a chat with the anime fan. It is just a download site which provides various file formats of MP4, AVI, and FLV, etc. This site is used to watch videos offline with the required format for the required device like android or iOS.

Anime Season

The site also contains most of the famous and new series; this site will give you the various anime series suggestion based on the review of other anime fans. This will provide you the anime series based on the recommendations, new release, recently added and lately ranked anime series.


Watch the recommended anime series on the above-discussed sites. Some sites which have discussed above will have android apps, and some doesn’t, so enjoy the anime series on the above sites and make the best choice of yours among them and share with your friends about this useful article.

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