8 Best Musical.ly Alternatives You Could Use

Nowadays, social media is more familiar with the word TikTok. The older version of TikTok is Musically. Everyone in India will come to know that the TikTok has been banned for recent times. Beyond this Musically, there are some of the relevant apps available for Indian users can make user over it.

In this session, we will discuss some apps which are more relevant or best alternatives for the Tiktok.

What is Tiktok?

Tiktok is a social networking platform where users can upload 15-second videos. Users can add music clips and add sounds to their videos, and even can act out the dialogue for the popular movies and tv shows. It could also offer users with video trimmer, video editor, and much more.

Tiktok with Musical.ly:

            The older version of this TikTok is Musical.ly. The all musical.ly users were swapped to TikTok. The user’s count was nearly 100million, which is almost of 1billon users. This 1billion is from both the different platforms as ios and android.

India’s Part in TikTok :

Over these 1billion users, the 25% are from India that is nearly 250 million users, which is notified by the ANI Report.

Tiktok Ban:

Probably India is not only the country ban TikTok, already in recent July (2018), the reason for the ban is, the users start spreading “Pornography,”” blasphemy” according to the Reuters Report. It also faced criticism in the US where the app was accused of exposing girls to inappropriate contents. Madras high court asked the central government to ban TikTok in India where reason is “encouraging Pornography.”

Alternatives for Tiktok:

Not every user of the app is encouraging pornography, but many of them were exploring their talents using this app.   To support those we have this article shooting out other best alternatives for this banned Tiktok or Musical.ly.

  1. Dubsmash

Description: The father of all the music videos app is Dubsmash, which is available in both the app store and play store. This app has lost its glory nowadays because of this musical.ly. Using this Dubsmash, you can do lip-sync video. Even this app has a large community. This app also allows users to share their music videos with other social media. You can save the videos to your phone storage for the offline view too.

Price: Free of Cost

Platforms: iOS, Android.

  1. Funimate :

Description: Some of the features for this app is slow motion, make a video in a loop, compile several video clips into a compilation. You can add several much texts to video and record; this apps library contains a massive number of popular songs where you can make a lip-sync videos. Making a collab video with your friend is more comfortable in this app. You can make any styles of videos using this app. Only to get some additional features of this app you need to make a purchase.

Price: Free, need purchase to unlock additional features.

Platforms: iOS, Android.

  1. Cheez

Description: Vlogging, fashion, and comedy videos are some of the popular video categories. This app will provide you a reward for getting more likes and comments. You can also receive a reward for watching the short videos and comments on the post you like.

This app contains some video editing features like trimming and cutting where you can remove the mistakes you do in the music video. This apps additional feature is having hundreds of stickers, visual effects like TikTok, and also a new feature is a live effect. Many live events are conducted in this app; you can participate and bring out your talent in doing music videos. You can also make your content in this app.

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android.

  1. Triller

Description: Selena Gomez, a celebrity, use this app to edit their music video because of the simplicity of this app and user-friendly. You have to record the footage, and there is an auto-editing algorithm present in this app will do your editing part automatically. This app has nearly 50 filters which are used for you to edit and so you can present your video creatively.

It offers you guys a powerful collaborating the videos with great features. This app is not a social networking app just an editor where you can edit your video and save to your camera roll and upload to the networking sites.

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android.

  1. FilmoraGo

Description: Filmora is a video editor app which is used to edit your footage which has been recorded. You can record your music video and edit using this app with cool new filters. This app is professionally getting edit the video by automatically and even manually by yourself too.

Price: Free

Platforms: Android, iOS.

  1. Vigo Video :

Description: Vigo video is formerly called a Flipgram which allow users to share compelling and also to create the video using the photos and used to share in the social media. It is also a social networking site where they can also offer you guys to share in the other social networking sites.

Price: Free

Platforms: Android, iOS.

  1. Viva Video :

Description: This app contains cool new features of video editing with the photos and videos footage you shoot to make beautiful slides and flips for creating a professional class editing of the video. This app is not a social sharing site, but we can edit and save to camera roll or share inside form the app too.

Price: Free

Platforms: Android, iOS.

  1. LIKE – Magic video maker and community

Description: This apps library contains a large number of dialogue and also magic music filter that applies to videos effect based on a change of the music effects and volumes. This app provides you a rich feature and even for slow down and speed up your video footage, merging two or more videos in single clip option also present in this app. You can share your video directly to social networking sites from this app.

Price: Free

Platforms: Android


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