50 Best Streaming Website like Putlocker To Watch Online Movies

Nowadays online streaming videos have become more popular among these generations, most of them are ready to watch the series with the active paid subscription pack for month by month and some by years.

The best-paid subscription site is Netflix, where we could find the latest movies and good episodes and tv shows are available.  Putlocker is one of the best sites where we could able to get the latest videos and tv shows.

Why Putlocker Blocked:

Putlocker is one of the best streaming site where we could able to get the latest movies and episodes. This has been banned in the United States because they support piracy. This is the major cause of why the putlocker get blocked. Banning putlocker will not stop this piracy, so some major site act as like as putlocker was discussed below.

Solar Movie

This site differs from another site by; it allows a user to watch the movies without the need of Registration. Solar movies have a huge database with the collection of all genres of movies, and we could also be able to find the latest movie collection easier. Advertisements also rarely appear so we can view without any distractions.


Watching movies is now more comfortable in Niter by simply just pressing the play button. This site won’t contain many collections of movies. For this movie providing service, they won’t get a charge from you, or it won’t ask you to subscribe to continue.


Vumoo is one of the most used sites by everyone to watch movies; its unique is we can stream and download the movies. Vumoo has an outstanding user interface and more comfortable to access, so common users for this site has become much higher.


This site has become more familiar with the people across the internet world, the people on the internet were used to browse this site to watch more movies and TV shows which has been revolving across the web with an excellent user interface. This site has to get announced to shut down by 19th march, but not well it’s living in the internet world.


GOMovies has become popular because of its no cost for playing movies and zero payment for the subscription. This site also offers an extensive database of movies collection with the even old and new movies.


Hulu is popular where they contain several users by adding new movies and TV shows for every month. Hulu also offers a mobile application for the user, but the only drawback is, it is not free of cost means they are paid versions.


Megashare also one of the movies streaming and TV streaming site, the recent time they had an issue with their video hosting provider even though they claimed they were not active much by adding movies and shows, recently. But to stream movies here is just right.


PopcornTime site also used for streaming service based on torrents, bit torrent technology is used to get the latest movie and shows form this website. If you want to see a movie, you need to hit the watch button.


Past years FMovies has created a strong dominance over the user among the internet. Due to its increased user count, their site got more traffic and growing rapidly. But at the most time, it’s easier to watch movies without any ads.


PopcornFlix is available in mobile version on android phone and tablet; this is the premium app for watching free feature-length films. It showcases most of the biggest stars movies in Bollywood.


It is the controversial indie drama which is a paid version; this site contains an excellent user interface. Exciting movies and TV shows are available on this site. It consists of a lot of documentaries and independent videos, and much more.


TinklePad allows you to watch high-quality movies and top-rated movies with free streaming. This site is free of cost with good movie contents.


OpenloadFreetv is simple with great structure; you will quite ready your popcorn for stream free for your most popular tv shows and movies.


YesMovies UI is so simple where you can able to search for your ones easier without any complications. You can also scan for the search bar if you have any top priority movies to watch. This site contains only a moderate condition of advertisement disturbances.


Crackle site is available for mobile application, it is simplest to use, and the search functionality is more accessible. It is easier to get the destination. Only the at most search result will bring.

Tubi TV

Tubi tv does a great job in keeping you entertained, Tubi tv is available for iOS, Xbox, Android, Amazon Fire tv, Roku and all. It provides a decent user interface and proper folder navigation. It contains a vast collection of Indian movies, foreign movies, and documentary too.

Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online is a streaming site which can be used to stream movies. It has a variety of collections with the old and latest movies, but the user interface is not good easy to stream movies. All types of movies collection were available.


It is a broad popular site which contains collections of anime, movie and tv shows. It is a site with mobile apps, the apps are high-speed, and they won’t give any frustrating situations to you.


It has a vast library where you can find the latest movies and episodes; this is a payable site where you can pay only for what you watch. It is available to many devices and which is easy and straightforward to use.

Movies Found Online

It is an exciting site which consists of where you can find the list movies, documentaries and short films. The frustrating one is for every initial click it will open a new tab contains ad.


It is a small video site with a limited selection of handpicked classic films. You do not need to create a new user account without login you can stream videos from this site. This site contains only most of the old 90’s content.

Pluto TV

In this site, you will find a mixture of original content, broadcast network tv shows, documentaries, independent films, web series, news, and much more. Content like CNET, IGN and world tour poker programming site videos also found which is not found elsewhere in any other site.


Hotstar is getting trended nowadays for watching a live cricket match. But this site also contains more videos like Serials, Movies, and their own Web Series. Hotstar is a paid one, or you need to create a new account for accessing their content.


All the country people globally use YouTube, and Google officially releases it. You can get various movies and information by videos for everything you want. There should be no more explanation need for this site as you all know it.

Open culture:

It is a free video stream site with little of 1000 movies; this is only a site content which doesn’t have any mobile applications. You no need to create an account besides you can watch the movies from your browser quickly.

Top Documentary Films

As the name says it contains only the documentary videos, this contains the only site, and no mobile applications were available for this site. It covers a wide range of genres. Most genres like sports, society, science, religion, technology were published in this site.


The contents present in the Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, and other streaming sites were present in this single site, so you can’t need to navigate to every site. This site also contains free video content too.


It is a unique application that is specially developed for streaming movies, TV Serials. And it is available for all the devices globally and contains more videos content, but the cost of the subscription is too high.


Panda-Streaming have the latest movies library besides they too have the latest tv shows collections, this has the list about movies were the users for this site watched more. The movie collection is sorted by the year wise. Lots of ads were open when you press the play button.


This site contains movie with 4k quality where we can see only rare streaming sites provide 4k quality videos and movies. We can download the movies here for free; the collections were managed in a well-sorted manner.


Only high-quality movies were available on this site; all movies were in high quality, so it was rather slow to update their movie collection. Some dangerous content was provided in this site, which may affect your device so careful in using this site.


You can now access the movies, motion pictures, and much more without the locate stretch where you need to travel from folder to folder to get your destination. It makes the site user-friendly. This site doesn’t contain advertisement while streaming videos, and even there is no content restrictions too.

Movie Watcher

This site contains anime movie and also the Blue Ray content which is offered by only some sites. Streaming in HD only requires you to register a free account you do not need to pay or subscribe to watch the HD movies.

Putlocker watch:

This site is well known for its variety of collections and with the well-organized website page. Putlocker watch is used to watch movies with simple time and not containing a complicated process. You will also get the movies from a recent year in the new tab section. IMDB trended movies will be displayed on the home page in this site.

See HD

It is a most excellent site with an extensive collection of movie material; this site offers different features of sorting as date released, genres, and quality too. It has an interactive interface and more straightforward navigation to our destination.

LOS Movies

LOS Movies site is fast and efficient for streaming movies and tv shows; this site contains movies of DVD rip to full HD. This site provides an opportunity to download, and recent movie collections were uploaded in this site. This site includes advertisement while playing movies and shows.


You could watch movies without spending any money or making any registration. Due to a massive number of users this site has become down, the collections available in this site is also in huge amounts.


Lots of famous tv shows are available in BMovies, your recently watched movies list and its consequent series will be available in this site dashboard. It is one of the most excellent movies streaming sites.


This site is straight forward no scene where get deleted; this has a more enjoyable quality of movies. Streamlikers is a newly released site where it could only contain the latest movie collections. This site is organized with the most recent movies and your favorite collections list.


1Movies site contains a sorting option, which is very helpful for the users; it allows users to put ranking in the IMDB site, which is available at the side of each movie. Some of the movies in this site were in cam quality.


As we all know that Amazon is a worldwide shopping zone, the same as it, Amazon Prime also reached a global audience. But the only thing is Amazon Prime is worked based on the subscription, and there is a 30 days free trial we can use it.


This website gets updated regularly and gives the latest movies available. This site contains different genres of movies like horror to action drama, the mobile application also available for this MoviesJoy.


Newly released movies were available in good quality in Cmovies, which means you would see the picture and voice clearly. Cmovies gives the movie collection in a different region, language, genres, rating. So you can quickly look at a movie you need to watch. Ads are rarely appearing in this movie site.


List of latest movies and TV series were available to watch; the films are listed in A-Z, Adds appearing when playing the video. We could able to watch a movie without any lagging or buffering where how they maintain the server.


MoviesnShows site is sorted with the movie rating based on the IMDB site, Hollywood and Bollywood movie collections were present in this site. This site contains movies from 2004 to 2019, year sorting also available, so you can see the movie list by yearly basis sorting. 


            This site stops loading movies form 2018 because it is piracy, mostly the series were in high-quality movies. In their home page shows the database of their recent collections which they uploaded on their site, Contains greatest movies of all time available in a grouped section.


            It is a media company whose major focus is on collecting the older movies. Their user interface is too more comfortable, and the contents are in high quality. This site has nearly 2000 films with the collections of 1940 s and 1930s.


            It is a video streaming site with user upload content; this site supports most of the contents for user upload and some with media networks and original news. This site drawback is the users upload the videos contains religious content.

Watch Movie Stream

            This site is familiar for its vast collection of movies which has been accessible for free. The homepage is sorted based over the top box office collection of the month so you could easily watch the most significant movies.


      It contains dozen of movies and documentaries and shows, with app and website. User does not need to log in or register.


So that’s it the 50 alternative sites for putlocker, enjoy streaming by finding your right one above, and spread with friends.

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