How To Convert Exe to APK Files on Windows PC

In this technological world, most of the things are possible; there are various types of operating systems growing in our day to day life. Most of the people are popular with iOS, Windows, and Android operating systems.

70-80% of the people are using Android, and also many of the apps are growing for this operating system.  The same 70-80% was using windows operating system. So apps developed for windows platform cannot be used in the Android platform, to overcome this issue, we came with a new method to convert the EXE extension file to APK file.

This is what you can run your system software as an app in your android smartphone. APK is file format which denotes that an app which is used in Android mobile and the EXE is a file which is used as a software in the system. To achieve this conversion follow the steps below.

Requirements for EXE to APK Conversion:

 To achieve the app conversion, we need some basic requirements,

  1. EXE to APK converter tool.
  2. Windows software that you need to convert
  3. Smartphone used to run a file and a computer.

Steps For Exe To APK Conversion:

  1. The process of converting this exe to apk is so easier; first, you need the converter tool which I already discussed in the requirements.

These software are available on the internet in various quantity among them we have to choose the best one to convert, among them I have added the link for converter tool which is very useful and easier for conversion.

Link for converter tool:   you can download using this link.

This exe to apk converter is the tool which is a portable one you no need to install it.

  1. Once downloaded open and run the application file.
  2. Then a window will get open by asking you to choose any of the option i) I have setup files ii) I have portable application. You have to choose; I have a portable application.
  3. Now select the exe file from your computer that you want to convert into apk.
  4. Once the loading completed, now click the convert button and wait for the conversion. The conversion will take place to depend upon the size of the file you upload
  5. After the conversion gets success, now copy the apk file and close the converter.
  6. Now use it on a mobile or computer where you want.

How to use the Converted APK in Android:

 After the conversion you will get the apk now it’s time to install that apk in your phone or computer.

You need to connect your mobile to the computer and copy and paste the apk in your mobile internal or external storage which you need to install in the device. Now open your mobile storage and locate your apk which you have copied from the system.

Now install your apk by clicking it, if you are installing for the first time, it will ask to turn on unknown sources where it will automatically locate you, and you need to turn it on. It won’t ask you to turn o if already turn on.

After that, the application which you have converted will get installed on your phone.

How to Use the Converted APK in your Windows Device: 

You can also install the apk in your computer, how? Various kinds of stimulators act as an android device in your computer where you guys can install and work. The stimulators providing software which is more prevalent among all are Bluestacks.

You need to complete the setup for Bluestack and drag and place the generated apk in your stimulator. It will automatically get installed. Now you can enjoy the converted software in your computer with Bluestacks stimulator.

Converted APK File Not Working on Android Device:

When you’ve tried to install a heavy application on your android device, it won’t work sometime. Android device won’t allow the exe files to install and you are trying to install it in your mobile after compressing them to apk, this will put your android device on pressure to install, major reason are the exe files were made for the system processor speed and display size and many technical logics and when compare to system the android mobile were smaller in display and lesser in processor.

When you usually try to open a Photoshop app in your system it will take some time to open, so when you are trying to open those kinds of an app in your mobile, it will cause some problems like slowdown of mobile, and your mobile gets to hang some time your android system also get crashed.

So when you are trying to convert your system exe to apk select only the exe files with lesser weight. This will work fine on your android device without any problem, as mentioned above.


The conversion of exe to apk will cause loss of some data, and you guys need to take a backup before converting the exe file to apk.

Well that all you are now engineered with the conversion of the exe file to apk file, try yourself by convert install and use in your android device.

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