Cute Captions and Quotes for Instagram Selfies

Nowadays posting stories and pictures on the social network has become a part-time job for most of the youngsters and significant celebrities. One of the most popular Social Network mainly used for status and picture upload is Instagram

What is Captions :

The caption commonly known as telling a small description of a photo which you upload or take. For Instagram, the captions will contain hashtags (#Selfie), tags (@JohnDoe), and emojis well, all are familiar about that.

Instagram Limit for Captions :

Instagram has some kind of limitations for writing captions to the photo which you guys are uploading; the restriction is a character limitation. The character limitation is 2,200 character. But this 2,200 character is enough to write an awesome caption about the photo you are uploading.

Someone who is all new to some social media will get lag in writing captions, so to overcome this we have collected some captions for the cutest selfies, let’s move on to the topic.

For a selfie, You Only Present :

For writing a caption some basic requirements needed those are:

Your Mood:

Example: if you are in a happy mood, you have to mention #happy as a hashtags

Your Day:

Simply you are posting a photo so you can mention your day in that tag,

Example: if you are taking Monday morning you can mention #Monday #MorningSelfie

Your Workout Photo:

If you are going to post your workout photo you just simply add quote #Workout.

Selfie Captions :

  1. Lazy Sunday
  2. I love Selfies
  3. Selfie at Brooklyn
  4. Beach walk
  5. Reducing stamina
  6. Go Green!
  7. If a selfie is Cute, it’s me!
  8. First Selfie of Year.
  9. Heart Broking Selfie.
  10. Alone in selfie

Selfie Quotes :

  1. Only my Pics Speak
  2. Do whatever makes you happy
  3. Be a hero of your own stories.
  4. Your life has to be driven by you
  5. One wrong chapter doesn’t mean your stories is over
  6. God is busy in liking my pic.
  7. Keep the Smile On.
  8. Missing something no Idea.
  9. Some past brings you a smile and one among that.
  10. Loving Myself.
  11. I am the best version.
  12. Cinderella forever
  13. Dads little princess

Your Bikes Photo:

Now the main trending among the boys is bike and traveling. In 2k19 the boys are getting mad over about their bike than their girlfriend.

For Bike Quotes :

  1. Gripping and flying
  2. Be happy and drive
  3. When the roads are deep, there are no reasons to fear
  4. A beautiful ride
  5. I’m made for riding not to wash
  6. My forever love

For Bike Captions :

  1. Beauty Beast
  2. Passion
  3. My identity
  4. Me and my bike makes the best pair
  5. Worry only for cuts and stitches, not for bastard and bitches!

For Group Selfies:

The group selfies are magical memories even when you see it after a year. To quote with that.


  1. Work hard then work harder
  2. We’re not a team we were friends.
  3. He my boy, she my girl.
  4. We are totally
  5. Friends forever
  6. Look-in this when depressed
  7. I’m not single there is my friends
  8. Best friend will love you when you are too sad of yourself.


  1. #Friends Family for Life
  2. Funtime with BFF
  3. Awesome shot with good hearts
  4. # Friendship Goals
  5. Missing Moments.
  6. Selfies travels with us every seconds.
  7. Friendship strengthen
  8. Take cup of tea if tensed

Motivational Captions :

  1. Don’t let
  2. Always seems impossible until done.
  3. Developing Developer
  4. There is no expiry date for dreams, let’s go.
  5. If I can’t then no one cant.
  6. Run For Your Life.

Single Word Caption:

  1. #OMG!
  2. Awkward!
  3. Adamant
  4. Speechless
  5. Impressed
  6. #Goals
  7. Look
  8. #Lit
  9. Settling
  10. EOD

Some General Quotes :

  1. If you got eyes, just look at me.
  2. Real men’s don’t take selfies.
  3. These are seasons of emotions.
  4. Short Girls are Cute
  5. Morning one selfie gives you confidence
  6. Chill outside
  7. What’s hot? Its hot out.
  8. Feeling boredom
  9. Mad over selfies
  10. Simply sitting
  11. To see the gods creativity just look me out
  12. Ignore Negativity
  13. Be you
  14. Milk is white and Cute but expired within a day
  15. Morning vibes
  16. I Never want summer to end

Party Caption :

  1. Partying partying!
  2. #PartyTime
  3. Rushing up party
  4. Full enjoy
  5. Mass Party
  6. PartyLive


  1. Party Till end of life!
  2. Keep calm and go party!


Every people will upload their photo and status on social media for each and every second in this universe. Be part of them with hygienic captions. Happy Captioning!

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