How to Delete Your Skype Account Permanently

Skype is a communication app which is used for audio chat, video chat, and screen share moreover Skype is organized by Microsoft. Let us enter into the topic Deleting your Skype account which has multiple steps.

There is two way of deleting the skype account:

  1. Permanently delete your Skype account:

Deleting the skype account will make a loss of your Microsoft account and its product.

Note: If you delete the Skype account you will not able to access any of the Microsoft apps like Xbox, outlook inbox, your office apps in online, one drive documents.

  1. Delete only your skype database:

If you want to use the other Microsoft products but not skype, there is another way which is deleting all the data available on Skype, including your image and name too. This will make your other Microsoft products to work.


You need a system with an internet connection to make this process. Your account will not be deleted it will get maintained by Microsoft for 60 days after you mark your account for deletion.

Process :

  1. Permanently delete your Skype account:
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account using this link — Click Here
  • You can log into it using your Skype username, phone no or Microsoft email, and proceed further by next and enter your password and sign into your account.
  • After signing in it will ask for the identification that you are the owner for this account. The verification is done by sending the code to the secondary email account. It will have an option if you don’t have those given secondary email account. Just click I don’t have any of these. And proceed for the further steps.
  • If you have your secondary account, click that email address and enter the full email address of your secondary email address and click send code. After the code sent, the page turns by asking you to enter the code which has been sent to the email address you have given as secondary email. Just login to your secondary email and get the code and enter in the field and click verify.
  • After entering the code correctly, it will redirects you to the account closing page. Now you click the next button which is placed on the right side. Now another page will open with the number of checkboxes to be filled. Just study and enable all the boxes which contain the detailed effect of closing your Skype account.
  • It will also ask a reason from you for closing the account, which will be useful for the development purpose where they could correct if the reason for closing is from their side. After completing all the checkboxes and reason the blue color button “Mark Account for Closure” will automatically get enabled. This gets enabled only when you check all the checkbox and select the reason.
  • Clicking this button will make your Skype account for deletion. After you did these steps, your Skype account will get deleted automatically deleted after the completion of 60 days.
  1. Deleting your Skype Database :
  • This method is not a correct solution, but if you want to use your Microsoft products except Skype. You continue with these steps.
  • By proceeding with these steps, you become unsearchable on Skype. You will not occur in any of the searches by other Skype users. Just clear all of your data given in the time of Skype creation. The information which is necessary to delete is Name, Gender, Mail id, Date of Birth, mobile number, and location.

How to Delete Your Skype Account Permanently:

  1. First, sign into your Skype account and click your username which is found in the menu bar and a drop down will get open click MyAccount from that option.
  2. Now it will redirect you to another page which will contain an option called Edit Profile. Just click over that and clear all of your profile data and become invisible in the search result and step back over the suggestion list.
  3. Delete your profile picture; it is not possible to delete your profile Picture in Skype; so just change your profile picture as a new image which is irrelevant to your profile data.
  4. This step helps you to delete your login form the computer you used to login into the Skype. Just press windows and enter run or press Win+R and now a window will open. Now type these “%appdata%\Skype” data without the double quotes into the rum window and press enter. Now delete the folder which has name of your Skype account.
  5. Now remove your username form the whole Skype Directory, by login into your account and click account and password option, it will move to screen now click delete an account. This Procedure will take nearly 2 weeks to remove your name from the Skype directory.

Conclusion :

Moreover, there will be no necessary to delete your account because Microsoft was providing service in a reasonable manner. If you need to delete your account kindly follow the above two steps based on which will be your necessary.

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