How To Download & Install GBWhatsapp for Android 2019

Hello, guys all of you know that what is WhatsApp and what was the usage of that. Today we could discuss what GBWhatsapp is. GBWhatsapp is not the product of the Whatsapp it private one which is used by download and install it in your mobile manually. GBWhatsapp is found only for Android users so iPhone users cannot enjoy this feature.

Features of GBWhatsApp:

 Here we could see the detailed description of the features that the app provides.

  • Hiding Blue Ticks – You can hide your blue tick by clicking the menu icon which contains three dots and go to the menu option and privacy setting and hides blue tick.You can hide the blue tick for the individual and also the group chat.
  • Hiding the double tick – Not only you can hide the blue tick, but also you can hide the double tick which notifies the user as a message received by the other user. You can use this service by going to the menu by clicking the three dots option and go to privacy and second tick.
  • DND Service – A symbol like wifi which acts as a Do Not Disturb mode. When a user enables it, they won’t receive or send any messages. When they disable that option, they can send and receive messages. The user can enable this service and browse their chat history or any other option by turning on the internet without receiving any messages.
  • Status Download – In Whatsapp, if you want to download any one’s status you need to do ask the status owner, or you have to install any other third party apps.

          But in GBWhatsapp you need not use these, in the app itself they give the download option. What you have to do is go to status, and if you need any status to download just click on the three dots in the status page, there you will find two option of Mute and Download. By clicking Download, you can save the status of the other user you liked.

  • Changing The Theme – It is too boring to see the green colored WhatsApp theme.  So the feature is used to customize your own WhatsApp theme here.
  • Message Scheduler – One of the best features that all the WhatsApp users need is Message Scheduler. What this scheduler do is this will send the message when the time you scheduled the message. When you want to send the birthday message to your friend at sharp 12, and you want to sleep too, don’t worry you can schedule the message and the phone will send the message automatically at the time.

         You can set the message by open 3dots menu and Message Scheduler. Then it will open the window with +icon. Just tap that symbol and add the contacts you need to send.

         After selecting the contact, the app will ask you to set the time and date for the message to send. For sending the message, you need the active internet to connect so turn on  your internet

  • Auto Reply —  The GBWhatsapp will automatically reply for the message when you set auto-reply option. How to set Auto Reply.

         Go to menu Settings and Auto Reply Message. Now a window will open just turn on the Auto Reply Message by pressing toggle button on.

         Now press the add icon.

         Then type the auto-reply message and set the delay time which is used to reply with the time delay after you received the message form the receiver.

          Click on Add that’s all you will send the message automatically when you receive the message from the other end.

  • Translate Message – The two users with two different languages can chat now using this translate now option. NOTE: It is not a permanent one sometime they will work and not for some time.

         How to use it. First, select the message you needed to translate then select your native language form the listed language. Then you will get the translated meaning of the message to send by the sender.

  • Copy Profile Status – To copy the profile status just go to the person’s profile and press and hold the status for nearly 3-4 seconds and automatically you will see the message as the status get copied. So it’s over you have copied the profile status of the user, and now you can use it.
  • Hiding the Chat — Now you can hide the personal chat using this GBWhatsapp. This is what most of the WhatsApp users requested form the WhatsApp. Just select the chat of the person you need to hide and select the hide option.

         The app will ask for the pattern to save your chat just enter the pattern for the two times. Now the chat will get hide successfully. You can now view the hidden chat by clicking on the Text that contains WhatsApp above chats. To view this hidden chat you have to draw the pattern.

  • All Logs with a single touch –  Click over the add symbol which will show all of your contacts. Along with contacts, it will show who has updated their profile like who is online, who is offline, who updated profile photo, who updated status and update time. You can view all those details in a single click.
  • Lock a Chat – Hiding differs from locking a chat. Hiding will hide the chat from others. While locking the chat will show the chat in the inbox but when to try to open the chat will ask for a pattern.
  • Uploading size can be changed manually by you In WhatsApp, you can be only able to send the particular size of the video file. But in GBWhatsapp you can able to change the video file sending size maximum up to 50MB. The audio file will be sent over 100MB.

         You can set these limit by opening GB Settings and goto media sharing. There you will find the increase video audio limit. Based on your need you can set those range.

  • You can change the font view – open the GB settings and change app font. Click on load font to make changes. This changes will show how your fonts are visible to you.
  • Send the Broadcast message to a group —  you all know what broadcast message is and how to use it. This broadcast message will be sent only to the group of individual in WhatsApp. But in GBWhatsapp you can send it to the groups too. Open the 3dot icon then broadcast a message to the group. Now select the group then type your message and send. Note you can send only the text message to the groups.
  • Change theme color you can change the theme and also the theme color in the GBWhatsapp. You can find this setting in the GBSetting and the and open the appearance option there you will find the several options for customizing just use it and enjoy.
  • Profile status characters Now the profile status setting a character in the GBWhatsapp is 250 characters, while the normal WhatsApp is lesser.
  • Always Online feature This feature is used to show that the user is always online if his device is offline.
  • Hide view Status you can watch the status of the other users without notifying to them. By using GBWhatsapp, you can achieve this.
  • Group name up to 35 characters  Now you can set the group name character up to 35 characters using GBWhatsapp.
  • 90 Images Now you can send 90 images at a single time, but in normal WhatsApp, you can only send up to 25-30 at a single click.

Permissions that GBWhatsApp Requires:

  1. Write External Storage.
  2. Write Contacts, Read Contacts.
  3. Send SMS.
  4. Audio Recording.
  5. Modify Audio Settings.
  6. Wifi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mic, NFC
  7. Location or GPS, Internet Permission.
  8. Killing BackGround Tasks.

How To Install GBWhatsapp on Android:


First all you guys need to uninstall the official WhatsApp from your device for using GBWhatsapp. Don’t get scared you all will find your WhatsApp contacts in your GBWhatsapp and also your chat History while installing it.


Next, you have to install the GBWhatsapp by manually, so you have to enable the unknown sources which allow you to install the downloaded apps. How to enable it.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Find security
  3. There you will find enable unknown sources just enable it.


Now download the GBWhatsapp from here



Now install the app and open it. While opening it, you will find the option like Restore and Agree and continue. If you are already a GBWhatsapp user means just Restore, or you are new one means just agree and continue.


Like Whatsapp, you will find the option to verify your phone number. Just enter your country and phone number and verify your mobile number.


After your installation success, you will start using GBWhatsapp.


It’s your time to switch whether to use a normal WhatsApp or GBWhatsapp. Try GBWhatsapp and enjoy new features and share your experience.

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