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Are you tired of searching for Spotify Premium free PC, Android, and iPhone? Don’t worry here I have the working steps to get Spotify Premium services for free that is without paying a single penny. Before getting into Spotify Premium, I just want to give a small intro to Spotify app.


Before we know about the Spotify I just want to tell something about music, music is the best medicine for every human being in which music that keeps our mind peaceful and free from stress and music is liked by all if you are the one used to hear music daily, and you are the person like to hear all kind languages of music rock, jazz, melody, but you don’t have to know how to get these all kind of music in one app? 

Don’t worry here we have the best application for getting these music called Spotify in which the Spotify has some extra features and procedures to get the Spotify Premium Free Pc Android and iPhone.

History about Spotify:

Spotify was created by Daniel EK he was the former developer of the Spotify, and Martine Lorentzon was the co-developer of the Spotify, Spotify was first developed in the year 2006 by the Spotify team AB. 

The meaning of  Spotify is a mean of new digital music that enables a user to remotely access the millions of variety of songs. Spotify was first launched in the year 2008 October 7, actually first they invented the use of free accounts by all for the invitation to manage the growth of the Spotify service, and the launch of the recent Spotify service need to pay for their subscription and not even paying for the subscription the Spotify AB to the deal of licensing deals for using the Spotify.

What is mean by Spotify Premium APK?

Spotify premium apk is the unlimited app used for everyone who likes music and it’s absolutely used for paying it delivers the best quality music, and it is free listing and this is also available for the devices of  MAC, windows, android, and IOS. 

The list of all music gets in to the Spotify premium from that we can listen to the artist, and albums and we may create our playlist, and we can send to our friends through the Spotify , but the Spotify need the user to pay for it so the paid subscription of  rate of $9.99, Spotify discount of 50 % for the family plan of 6 members, this premium Spotify available in most of  Europe, and most of the Americas and Australia and New Zealand and a part of Asia .

Features of Spotify Premium APK:

  • Free from other application ads
  • And free from audio video ads
  • Spotify connect unlock
  • Unlimited shuffle
  • You can play random songs
  • Unlimited storage
  • Its UI interface
  • “NOW”  features used for the patterns and moods
  • Video series
  • Search series used for searing for favorite songs
  • Radio station
  • Library section
  • Adjusting to various streaming quality
  • You can connect to the computers, TV, car, Wi-Fi speakers

Spotify Premium APK Latest version:

If you still have the old version then go and download these available version mentioned below Notify that the last update on may 12, 2017 they are almost 100,000.000+ downloads, the current version is 8.4.3, size includes the 44.63 MB, the android requires 4.1+(SDK 16) the developer is the specified LTD, and content rating rated  a level of 12+, the task includes the online steam music  

How to Get Spotify Premium Free PC:

  • First, download the Spotify Premium batch file, so you download it from the chrome by using this link of Spotify premium-AuVog.bat
  • After download, this batch file keep it on the desktop
  • And click the batch file
  • And using right click choose to run as the administrator
  • Click yes to run
  • And now you are ready to use Spotify free from ads and unwanted video and audio

How to Get Spotify Premium Free for Android :

So the Spotify premium needs the user to pay money to a user the Spotify music, so here we have a solution to get Spotify premium free and let’s follow some steps:

Step 1: First you open up your settings on your android device and scroll down till you have found the security and tap the security, and you will get the list of items that security have from that find the unknown resources, and you have to uncheck the unknown resources the pop message appears with the yes or no you have to click yes

Step 2: If you ok with what you have then go to the Google Chrome and type the AC market and go down and click the android to download the AC market and download and finish click and wait for the AC installation and you have to get the AC market

Step 3: After installation of the Spotify premium music and go to play store and download the Spotify premium and install Spotify, and you enjoy the Spotify premium and one thing you cannot do this you cannot download the offline music.

How To Get Spotify Premium Free for iOS?

Step 1: Go to safari and type tutu Spotify ++ and click the first link shown in it and note don’t use chrome for download this

Step 2: And click the download button, after you have to click the download button the pop -up message will appear to notify in the form install

Step 3: And click the install, in some other cases it doesn’t pop up go and check if you already install the old version of the Spotify if you have, uninstall that and then go back and install this and click to install

Step 4: Wait for installation to complete, and go to the Spotified premium app if pop up with the message of an untrusted developer so that’s fine cancel and  go to settings and click general, and scroll down and click device management, in that you have to trust the developer in that Spotify Premium get viewed in it

Step 5: After you have trusted the Spotify premium and you are ready to log in either through Facebook, and you enjoy the Spotify Premium services, and you are free from ads and unwanted video, and audio and you cannot be able to download the offline music

How to Get Offline Songs on iOS using Spotify Premium:

  • First, open up your Spotify Premium app
  • In that you click the top list, you have some playlist that you already hear through online
  • In that, you tap the top pop 100
  • And then you have the list of songs that you heard already through online and for the downloading you have to follow the top pop track on Spotify which available on your screen because if you are not following you can’t able to get the offline songs
  • So click “follow” and under the green shuffle play you see the available offline button in the off mode an switch that button to the right for on mode and you finally may get download the songs offline from the Spotify Premium app

How to Get Offline Songs on Android using Spotify Premium:

  • Step 1: Choose one song that you want to make it offline so on the side your song you see the three doted line click that it shows some list that adds a new playlist  
  • Step 2: Click login with the Facebook
  • Step 3: And name it to the playlist
  • Step 4: And go to the menu of your Spotify premium and go to synchronize playlist so tap on it and then you go to playlist and here that choose my list that has the list of song that you added to the playlist and it syncs with the offline mode, and finally you get the song for offline 

How to get the Spotify premium in India and in and out of the US/UK country for the Android users?

Step 1: The step one includes that you have to go to play store and download the Spotify Premium

Step 2: Then you have to download the VPN is the virtual padded networks because this VPN Spotified different location so if you are in India by using this VPN you have the access location of Another country

Step 3: After installation of VPN you may see you are now in India and the list of countries shown it choose the US and click connect

Step 4: And now you can use the Spotify premium app

More about Spotify premium:

  • It consumes the data of 115.2 MB for every hour Per min, it requires 2.40 MB
  • The high quality streaming up to 320 kbps per day $0.006 and 0.0084 dollars you have to pay  for It.
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