Download TVMC APK 14.2 for Android and Windows PC

All are familiar with watching tv shows, movies, and other web series using various Apps on your mobile phone. Now for your Windows PC or Laptop, you are going to use the TVMC to watch your various entertainments. It is not as much as a complex on just follow the below steps to get it more easily.

What is TVMC?

All you guys came over through media player which is used to play music and videos, the same is applied here to watch your favorite ones.

The difference between a standard media player and the TVMC is a standard media Player is used to watch the one you stored in your local disk.

But TVMC is used to play over the internet to watch Movies, Tv Shows and other content including Live TV with that you can also use it as a music player, a photo viewer, and much more you want.

Whether this TVMC is a paid one? If it a paid one any Crack version? Are the questions will be flying over your mind.

So don’t bother the TVMC is officially a free one. The various platforms you can use your TVMC are mentioned below.

TVMC Supported Device Lists:

  • Windows PC
  • Mac
  • iOS device
  • Android device
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Raspberry Pi

TVMC is just software you cannot find any content into it. The content should be added by ours manually. You can add your local disk file to your TVMC and also you can directly stream content from the Internet.

The next question arrives in your mind is we can put content form our local disk to watch but how we use internet content to stream over it?

Now we will step on to it so that we will see the brief description here.

How To Install TVMC on Windows:

Guys follow the below link to download the file for installation.


Step 1:

For installation download the file and then extract to the folder wherever you want in your PC.

Step 2:

After extracting the folder simply open TVMC.exe file for installation. And install it all over what you will do for installing any software by clicking next, next and next till reach installation finish. Now it’s time to open your installed file icon in your desktop or search in the start menu.

Step 3:

After opening the app, you will see the Text shows click here to finalize the TVMC installation. Just click there to complete the installation.

Step 4:

After that, a pop will open to configuration the TVMC continue to download and install the process does the software needs. Pay attention still the configuration gets the finish. After the end, you will see a dialog showing successful message then click OK button.

Step 5:

You will see a message that extracting the zip wait till it completes.

Step 6:

After Completion, you will find a pop simply click Dismiss or Agree it’s up to your knowledge.

Step 7:

Now you have completed the installation now it’s the time for using the app.

How to Use TVMC:

Once you have completed all the above steps now, it’s time to configure Kodi Add-Ons. What are these Add-Ons? How could I install those? Why are these used?

Add-Ons-> it is a simplified program which is mostly used for stream videos from the internet. These Add-Ons are used for restriction free. The people from the various country cannot be able to stream the tv show, movies from a particular country. To break this restriction, we are using this kind of Add-Ons like Kodi and much more.

We will see a step by step process for installing the Kodi Add-Ons to your TVMC player.

Add-Ons for Movies, Tv shows, sports, etc.. There are various methods for installing Kodi Add-Ons those are shown are

Way 1:

From the main screen click Video there you will find Add-Ons option, open it from there and select get more option and select the Add-on you wish to install.

Way 2:

This is the second method, just follow this path System -> Add-Ons -> Install from repository / Install from zip file/Search. There you will find Add-Ons, and now you can see and install it.

Watching Live Tv in TVMC:

You need the Kodi Add-Ons to watch the live tv in TVMC so add those by the above steps.

After installing open the home screen of the TVMC and move on to the system and open Add-Ons there you will find the option like install from a repository and install from ZIP file and search. After moving to this path, you will find the various TV extension, and you can move for the needed one and install.

Watch videos in your Local Disk:

Go to the videos tab and click there you will find the Add-Ons and files. Now open files and choose the files from your local disk in your computer and enjoy watching.

These steps are followed for all the Videos, Photos and Music folders.


Even though the TVMC is a free version there are various possible safety issues may occur. To overcome this issue only use the Add-Ons with the copyrighted ones. If not follow the instructions of those Add-Ons to use safer. I think now you have got a brief idea about the TVMC and how to use it in your windows operating system. Happy streaming.!

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