Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) n Mini Militia with Best Answers

Doodle Army 2, widely known as Mini Militia cheats  has received a massive positive approach from the players globally. Many of you might have got one or other question regarding this popular mobile game. I have seen people have been sneaking into various Forum sites with their queries. But, do they get their satisfactory answers at one place? I afraid not.


So, I made this one certain article assembling with the most frequently asked questions related to the Doodle Army multiplayer game with their appropriate answers.

Q-1: How the Mini Militia Game Work?

A: The Mini Militia game works on player skill basis. Player who scores the most in the number of killing ranks top. In a multiplayer gameplay, a team with each member’s best increasing score is declared as Winner.

Q-2: How to Become a Mini Militia Master Player?

A: To be proficient in the Mini Militia, you will need to apply some tricks and tweaks. The most number of games you play, your experience level will be increasing. On the other hand, you can use a hacked version to make your opponents taste soil.

Q-3: How to Avoid Mini Militia Hacker in Online Gameplay?

A: While playing online, you must recognize the hacked players first. They are likely to be using hack features like ‘One Shot Kill,’ ‘Unlimited Health,’ ‘Unlimited Ammo,’ etc. Faster you can recognize these hackers, better your possibility to avoid playing against them.

Q-4: How to Improve Mini Militia Skill Points faster?

A: The more you will learn to play like a pro player, your skill points will be increasing. In order t play like a pro, you will need to keep some things in mind such as Reloading your weapon before every engage, Using weapons with better lethal power, avoid playing against players higher score, etc.

Q-5: How to Deploy Timer Bombs?

A: Well, Timer Bombs are available only on few Mini Militia Maps. You may collect those bombs when you lands on those places. Then you can tap on Bomb icon to toggle the bomb. After that, through the bomb wherever you wish to deploy. If your opponent crosses through that place, it will blast. You may through the Timer Bomb directly on your opponents.

Q-6: How to Play Mini Militia Online With Friends from Home?

A: If you are intending to play online multiplayer with your known person by inviting them, this is not possible in Mini Militia. When you get into the online multiplayer Gameplay, the game protocol will pick the online players for you. You cannot simply choose certain player you want to play.

Q-7: How to Change My Mini Militia Avatar Name?

A: This is quite easy to get done. Though, many of the players could not figure out initially. In order to change your Mini Militia Avatar name; firstly, go to the game settings, then tap on the Avatar option, and finally type your Avatar name as you want to set.

Q-8: Is there Any Cheat Codes for Mini Militia?

A: Yes, there is. This is in fact one of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Mini Militia. You may get these Mini Militia hack.   

So, these are the most frequently asked questions on Mini Militia by the users I have come across till date. Hope the answers are helpful. Concerning with the Q-3, avoiding or fighting against the hacked players is currently a hard task to many. The Doodle Army developers Appsomniacs is expected to be coming with a solution when the game is updated next.

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