How to fix “Confirm form Resubmission” Error in Google chrome

Most of you would have noticed the confirm form resubmission popup while trying to leave a page intentionally or due to some network issues. Let me clarify about this issue, for example when you’re purchasing an item from any online stores, and you’re paying through your credit card.

You just entered the credentials and made the purchase, but there has been a network crisis, and the next page won’t load, in such cases if there weren’t a “confirm form resubmission” popup doesn’t work you would have paid twice for the product you just bought.

This prevents users from creating duplicate post-action forms. To avoid this, Google introduced this new feature. On previous versions of Chrome, there was a fix for this solution’disable-prompt-on-repost’ parameter, which was later brought down.

Fix Confirm Form Resubmission  

There are quite a few solutions,

  • There isn’t an specific fix for this problem; infact this isn’t even a bug or error to fix. It’s merely a poor build of the browser against weak network connection or situation handling.
  • Revising many forums, even the Google forum people have argued about this issue. Though in which a Google employee allegedly stated that there isn’t any particular fix, but you can modify the code of the page to “GET” instead of “POST.”
  • One of the users suggested adding the “disable-prompt-on-repost” in the directory. Anyhow this problem won’t persist if you try to go back or reload the page in the middle of the process.
  • One of the significant and accurate solutions to this issue is to keep your chrome browser up-to-date. The latest version of the chrome browser covers all of the significant problems that have been faced previously. Once you update your browser, you won’t be encountering the ‘confirm form resubmission.’

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