How to Fix an IP Address Conflict on Windows

An Ip address conflict get occurs when two communication endpoints on the network are assigned to the same IP address. On this kind of situation, anyone of the devices connected to the system will become unusable for network connectivity. The endpoints may be a mobile or pc or any individual adapter.

How IP address conflict happens:

This IP address conflict may occur in several ways, and some are listed below. These mostly occur in the group of the system get connected to a local area network, and the system administrator may cause this. Some of the cases are shown below

  • When a system admin assigns a two computer with the same static IP address on the same Local Area Network.
  • A system is assigned with the IP of local network DHCP range, and when the same address is assigned to a local DHCP server.
  • If there any cause on their DHCP server which could also allow the server to assign the various same IP address to the multiple systems.
  • The internet service provider accidentally assign the same IP address to the two different system
  • A network administrator may accidentally cause this issue by assigning the same IP for two different systems.
  • A system may experience this kind of issue when the computer is connected with multiple adapters.

Recognizing IP address Conflicts:

In Microsoft windows system that you can find the conflict by noting the below points and find the cause.

In many systems, you will receive the pop up with the following instruction,

  • The static IP address that was just configured that already used on the network. Please configure a new IP address.
  • On Newer Microsoft windows system have dynamic IP conflicts, you will receive an error message in the taskbar by balloon notification as soon as it finds the issue. The message is as below,
  •  There is an IP conflict with another system on the network.
  • On in the older windows system sometimes you will get the error popup with the below information,
  •  The system has detected a conflict for IP address.

How to Resolve IP Conflict Issues:

     Try the following way to get rid of those kinds of issues.

  • Confirm each localhost you connected to the network has a different or unique IP address.
  • If your system is assigned with a dynamic address, release and renew its IP address to work around IP address Conflicts.
  • If you believe that your broadband router has a fault DHCP server that is causing IP conflict on your home network, just upgrade its firmware then your problem will be resolved.
  • If DHCP has enabled on your computer just reboot the computer which will allow it to get a new address and make assign to it which will resolve the issue.
  • If you are not sure which IP type you are using whether DHCP or static IP address, try to locate the device or system using IP or you can manually change the IP to others. Example: if you are using the IP change it to IP which will most commonly resolve the issue.

How to Renew IP address:

     You can renew the IP by just going to CMD or command prompt and type the following code which will release or renew the IP address.

ipconfig /release

  • By using the above one, you will get listed the no of a system using your adapter as LAN or Wireless LAN.
  • Make sure it will get failed if you use a static IP address. In this case, you just skip and Reconfigure the static IP address section.

After this step you need to run another command which will renew the IP address, you will use the below command to renew,

ipconfig /renew

 After the command run, you will see the result, and there will be an IP address listed next to the IP address.

How to Reconfigure the Static IP Address:

If you are using a static one, you could also change the static IP by using the below steps.

  • In this step, you need to get the IP address from the DHCP server. To do this, click on the control panel and click the icon view and click on network and sharing center.
  • On the left-hand side, find the change adapter settings. Now right click on the adapter which is currently used by your system and then select properties. Now on that choose the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4) and then click on the Properties button.
  • Here you can find and select the IP address from DHCP server option (Obtain an IP address automatically) or entering a static IP address (use the following IP address.).

Wireless Router:

    One solution which will resolve the entire problem which is common just restart or reboot your wireless router. Your router may be on for some of the months or weeks where the software will somewhat suffer so by just restoring it will automatically get fixed.

   So these are the maximum solution where the IP conflict issue will get resolved if you found the problem after trying the above steps contact your router service team to fix the issue.

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