How to Fix Microphone Not Working in Windows 10

There are various update features done over the Windows 10 for the windows user all are get attracted to those new features. One of the main features is Auto Install of Drivers. 

When we came to recall the old windows version, we will find it hard to search and install drivers and sometime we will use third-party applications to detect our pc and install needed drivers automatically.

In Windows 10, they have introduced the new feature that the drivers are getting installed automatically there is no need to search, download and install the required drivers to the PC.

Microphone is not working in Windows 10:

Even though Microsoft has given an update, some peoples will get a minor issue, among them one of the problems is Microphone not working or detecting.

Let us see how to fix it in this discussion.

Setup and Test a New Microphone:

How to setup a new microphone in windows 10?

Step 1:

To install a newer one, scroll your mouse pointer and place to the volume icon in the taskbar. Just place don’t select.

Step 2:

In that make a right click over there and a new window will pop up containing various dialog. You have to select the Recording Devices over there.

Step 3:

In that window, select the recording tab, and you will find the device. Just choose the device you need to install and select the Configure option.

Step 4:

Select setup a microphone and follow the wizard steps.

Test Microphone Already Installed:

To test a microphone that is already installed right click on the volume icon on the taskbar and select the green bar getting rising according to which you speak over the microphone device. 

So from this, you could able to know that this device is working properly. If not, you have to install the drivers manually for the microphone device.

Microphone Not Working After Upgrading:

After a quick update to Windows 10, some of the devices won’t recognize the microphone, so we have given a various possible solution to get rid of the issue below.

Basic Check:

First, you have to find that your microphone is in working condition, which is not a hardware issue by checking with your friend’s computer if it works with your friend, not for your computer then make sure it is your system settings has to get changed. If not, you have to look over your microphones problem with your nearest shops. 

NOTE: Check with PC, not with laptops.

Method 1:

Check your Microphone Privacy.

Step 1:

Click on the start screen on the taskbar or click your windows button and press setting button finds above the power button.

Step 2:

On settings go to privacy option to check your microphone privacy settings. The Microphone option will be found on the left panel below the camera and above notifications.

Step 3: 

Open Microphone and press the change button. Now turn on the Microphone for this device option.

Step 4:

Below you will find allow apps to access your microphone option. Just turn it on and finally give the microphone permission for all apps you need which list is available at the below.

Step 5:

Repeat these all steps for the Camera option to which is found below the microphone on the left pane.

Method 2:

Setting your device Microphone as a Default Device.

Step 1:

In the taskbar right side you will find the sound icon right click over there and goto sound option. Now move on to the recording tab and see whether you find your device over the list of devices found.

Step 2:

Now on your connected device, see whether the green bars are showing when you speak. If you find any green bars then your microphone is working, then the problem is just with the Program settings you try to use your microphone.

Step 3:

If you don’t see the green bars available follow these below steps.

Step 4:

Select your device and make it as default and press ok and apply button. Check again the green bars are working, if you find that it’s working when you talk, then your device is set up correctly, if not move on to next step.

Step 5:

Now double click over the icon of your microphone. The microphone properties window will get pop up. Over there move on to the levels tab. There you will find two option as Microphone and Microphone Boost. Make sure that both icons are at a higher level. Higher level means the Microphone is in range of 100 and the Microphone Boost range is +30db. And press ok option.

Step 6:

Now go to the Enhancement tab next to Levels tab and there you will find disable sounds effects. Just make uncheck that box, if found checked otherwise leave as it is.

Step 7:

Now go to Advanced tab next to the enhancement and there uncheck the option. Allow application to take exclusive control of the device. Other option of Enable audio enhancement also should get unchecked make sure of it, Then click on the Ok button.

Step 8:

Now move on to the main sound popup window and got to the communication tab next to sound, there Check to do nothing button is on.

Step 9:

Now Restart your computer and check again it is working by finding the green bars. If not you have found still now follow all the steps from 1-9 for all the devices shown in the sound list.

Method 3:

Device Driver Reinstall.

  1. Open start and start search Device Manager.
  2. You will see the audio inputs and outputs in listed drivers.
  3. Select your device then right click and uninstall.
  4. Disconnect your microphone from your device by ejecting manually and Restart Computer.
  5. Now connect the microphone, windows will automatically reinstall the drivers.
  6. If it didn’t work, you update it form computer manufacturer website.
  7. In the computer’s site, you find your model, and you didn’t find the Windows 10 means your manufacturer has not released drivers for yet, so wait until they release.

Method 4:

Try installing the required driver by using the Third party apps which automatically analyze your computer and install drivers.

Some of the third-party apps are:

  1. Driver Easy
  2. Driver Pack Solution

That’s all you have successfully configured your Microphone in your PC.

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