[Fixed] Pokemon Go Keeps Crashing on Android and iOS

Pokemon Go Keeps Crashing on Android and iOS Devices:

We all know the augmented reality game by Niantic, Pokemon go is the most popular game of 2018 which is being played by millions of users online. The game allows players to catch Pokemon by traveling to specific locations in the real world. Though it is a highly anticipated game, it has few bugs and crashes. These bugs cause the game to force close while playing which might be a serious issue for the players while hunting for Pokemon.

How to Fix Startup Crashes on Android:

The most common problem encountered by the Pokemon trainers across the world is the app force closing on the Android startup or the never-ending spinning Poke Ball load screen. These issues are the result of overcrowding servers. There are millions of Pokemon trainers trying to access the Pokemon go server at the same time; this causes the constant crashing of the server. If you see a Poke Ball spinning in the top left corner of the screen, then it shows your device is attempting to reach the Pokemon go server. The load screen will disappear as soon as your device gets connected tot he server.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Server Error on Android:

  1. Force close the app:

    Try to force close the application and sign in again when you see the message “Our servers are experiencing issues. This might clear the server traffic and connect you to the server.

  2. Restarting your device:

    If force closing the app doesn’t work try rebooting your device and if that doesn’t work still. Try updating the Pokemon go app through the android play store. This could fix the older version bugs and provide a stable version of the application.

  3. Check your GPS/location services:

    This problem mostly occurs in low-end devices where the GPS and location services are not up to the game’s requirement level. It is not a serious issue as you can fix this by simply disabling and enabling the GPS/location. And once you are done, you must be able to play the game without any issues.

Other issues why you can’t play Pokemon go in your device:

  • Android 4.0 or above is only compatible
  • 2GB RAM or more is required
  • Devices with no GPS connection are not able to play the game
  • Tablets are most likely to not support the game as they rely on Wi-fi connections to play the game


  1. Open Settings in your smartphone.
  2. Go to Developers Option.
  3. If you don’t see developers option in settings, it’s because you haven’t yet activated it.
  4. To activate developers option, go to About Phone in Settings and tap on Build Number for nearly Seven times.
  5. The developer option will get activated.
  6. In developer options, you will find “Don’t Keep Activities”.
  7. Mostly it will be checked, so uncheck it.
  8. Now start Pokemon Go again, and it will hopefully work.

Clear the app cache or data:

These two solutions are often thought of as miracle cures for misbehaving Android apps. To clear your app cache and data, follow the steps:

  1. 1. Go to your Settings menu.
  2. Scroll Down to Apps option and tap it.
  3. Swipe to the All tab.
  4. Tap on the app which you wish to remove data for.
  5. On the next page, tap either clear cache or clear data.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Crashes on IOS devices:

Unlike the Android application of Pokemon go, iPhone doesn’t have many issues. In fact, the issues are easy to be fixed, and there aren’t much to discuss. If the app continues to crash on the load screen or the Poke Ball on the load screen freezes press the home button twice and close the application from the task manager and reopen it again.

If this doesn’t fix the issue try switching ON/OFF the mobile data or try updating the Pokemon go app from the IOS App store.

Sometimes the app gets forever to load; this is due to the heavy tasks performing in the background. Though the IOS is capable of handling heavy RAM usage, it is advisable to clear the background apps and try opening the Pokemon go app again.

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work and the crashing continues, there’s not much of an option left other than uninstalling and reinstalling the Pokemon go application.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Battery Drain Issue:

Pokemon Go is an intense game with High Graphics and RAM management. The battery drain is due to the mobile data, and GPS/location settings switched on through out the time while the game is being played. This is an unavoidable situation for any Pokemon trainer in the Pokemon go community.

Though there are a few solutions to maintain a better battery life. The Pokemon game provides a power savings option. Navigate to the settings menu on the Pokemon go app and enable power saving mode.

Make sure to clear all the background applications and turn on restrict background app usage in the settings menu on the iPhone settings in the battery.

Adjusting your screen brightness can also help you maintain your battery level at an optimum level.

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