FIXED : Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location

Pokemon Go is the emerging game all over the world among iOS and Android users. This is one of the addictive game among youngsters. But some of the recent times there occurs an issue Failed detecting location. This is not for the iOS users only most of the Android user will receive this kind of issue. So we guys may now go through this issue that why it is getting occurred and how could we overcome through it.

Why Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location issue Occurs:


Failed to detect the location


There are many android manufacturing companies with their setting parameters; this is one of the primary reason when compared to iOS, where iOS is a single company product so there won’t be any problem occur most over. While coming to Android, there will be a mock location option which is like a fake GPS or hides GPS position.

The game developers didn’t need any of the fake GPS position, so you have to provide a current location as a user.

Let us see what we have to do to overcome this issue.

FIX 1:

This may get occur when you have not permitted GPS or location. This is necessary for this game to play. The app will use your current Location. So the app shows this kind of error when you have not permitted the location or if you have disabled your location setting in your phone.

First, you guys need to check for the location is enabled, swipe from the top for the notification panel where you can turn on GPS or location option. Otherwise, you may also turn on by moving to the settings page and make location service enabled.

If the issue gets occur again, move on to the installed apps in the setting page and look for permission option and see whether the location service for the Pokemon Go app is enabled or disabled. If it is disabled, turn ON the location and restart your app.

If you guys still face the issue then move to the FIX 2.    

FIX 2:

Step 1:

First, you have to Kill the app without closing. Closing the app differs from killing if the app is closed by pressing the home button means it is closing but the process will continue over the background and killing is removing the app from the recent list items. So I suggest you guys kill the Pokemon Go app.

Step 2:  

Now open Phone settings and search for developer options. The location of the developer option in setting screen may get vary based on the mobile model and android version. So open the developer option based on the mobile. 

Step 3:  

If you have not found developer option go to About Phone or About Device option in your mobile settings. Now you will see the option as “Build Number.” Now tap over it continuously for 5 to 6 times until your mobile says Developer option is enabled.

Step 4:

In developer option, you have to find for the “Allow Mock Location” option. Based on the device model its location may vary. Make sure that this option gets disabled otherwise make it disable. What this option will do means it will hide the location form the user device. Now the error will get resolved.

FIX 3:

When you guys follow the above the step, the issue will be fixed moreover. If you still struggling with that issue means to follow the below step.

Open your Mobile settings and open GPS setting page and select High Accuracy option enabled, this setting will give the accuracy level of the location or GPS higher little bit.


So what’s next you have successfully learned how to fix the issue its time to catch all the Pokemon. Happy Playing!!

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