FIXED : Snaphcat keeps logging me out? repeatedly

SnapChat keeps logging me out repeatedly? And also your SnapChat account has been locked temporarily? If u are facing this issue means, don’t worry mostly 40 to 50 percent of the SnapChatters are facing this issue on their ios device.

Let us discuss here, what are all the various possible solutions to get rid of this issue. And also keep in mind this is faced most probably by the ios users than the Android users. Let us see, what are all the various alerts that we will receive from the SnapChat app as a User.

The SnapChat log out users by,

  • Oh, no your account is temporarily locked
  • Your account has been permanently locked
  • Some will receive an email from the SnapChat
  • The network you are connected is temporarily blocked because of suspicious activity.

First of all should get clear that SnapChat is not like Facebook or Instagram that we can get login in and log out from various device. For SnapChat we have to use a single device to login and log out. It has some kind of security policy.

Snapchat Keeps logging me out Issues and Fixes:

Most of the best solutions are given in this article below.


First thing you guys have to do is check for the latest version of your ios and SnapChat, it may cause due to the outdated version also so check it out.


Open your Phone Settings and move on to the General and software update, If your version is out of date means update your iPhone software and then move on to the App Store in your mobile and check if any update is available for the SnapChat app, If available means update it.


The SnapChat may get logged out due to the integration of the other third-party apps.


What you have to do is turn off the background refresh option. This will get found in your Settings à general à Background App Refresh. (in ios 12+). You also uninstall the app that is getting interfere with SnapChat. You have to use the official app don’t use third-party apps like SnapChat tweak, 6snap, SnapMoreText, and others.


This is for Windows Phone and Blackberry users.


You guys get clear that SnapChat has not released any of the application for the Windows Phone as well as Blackberry Phone, Using SnapChat on these phones is only by the third party applications.


As I have told already, SnapChat is not like Facebook or Instagram.


You may have logged into the SnapChat in one or more device then it would show the error your account has temporarily locked. So log out and uninstall both the mobile application and use in a single dedicated device.

ISSUE 5:  

Account Temporarily Locked.`


SnapChat has various terms and condition which most of us skips at the installation time. Here I list few

1. When you post any adult contents, then your account will be temporarily locked.

2. When anyone use Terrorism Snaps. When a user came forward to put this kind of post, they get locked by the SnapChat. You can send an email and solve the problem with the SnapChat to unlock your account.


Adding more friends without any verification of email and mobile.


When you are newly entering into SnapChat, then you have to complete your verification steps such as email and phone, If you failed to do this and started adding more number of friends this maybe also a reason for this temporarily blocked issue.

So just verify the email and phone by reinstalling the SnapChat and use it. Do not give any false information especially date of birth this may also get lead to suspension of account. Only a certain number of times you can change the date of birth excessing will lead to suspension of account.


Network or Ip Blocked. If you see a login error message on the screen it is due to various reasons; the most frequent reasons was due to the network.


This is not a permanent one, this caused due to your VPN usage, just turn off your VPN and use it will be fine, if you are not using any VPN in your device just switch from the wifi network to the mobile data and just change whatever the service you accessed to.


Technical Glitch


This is not your fault it is due to there is any updates in server or the server get overloaded. Frequently giving updates may lead to temporarily blocked. So don’t get panic just wait some times for the system to get normal.

How to Retrieve your Snapchat Account:

If you get a message like just temporarily blocked, don’t get panic it is not a permanent one. What you have to do is just to contact the SnapChat team by mail before that check the above issues mentioned in the article.

If you didn’t receive any reply mail, then you just able to discuss the problem using this [email protected].

How to use an efficient SnapChat Account:

  1. Enter your valid Date of Birth, because you can only change your date of birth just a few numbers of times as per the SnapChat policy. So enter your valid one.
  2. After signing into your account verify your email id and phone number, skipping these step and adding many friends may also lead to account block.
  3. Don’t use any third party applications. Some are Phantom for SnapChat tweak, 6snap, SnapMoreText and others which are used to set custom notification, saving text and much more functionalities. These are for jailbreak mobiles. So use only the official app.
  4. Do not use account in various mobiles, use a dedicative one.
  5. Avoid post that containing the adult content, terrorism content which may lead to account suspension.

By following these, you could able to use an efficient SnapChat.

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