Funny WiFi Names You Can Use

A personal hotspot is one which is used to share your internet packets with the other device. The router or mobile phone which is used to share your data packets have their human-readable name which is used to find out by the connecting device for connecting easier.

The name you choose for your router or mobile hotspot will have an extra attraction form a people connecting with your internet. So you to need to get those kinds of attractions, then you are in the right place too. In this article, we are going to see some of the funny names for your router or hotspot.

 Some Tips to select a Wi-Fi name:

  • Aim for a unique name but a memorable one
  • Don’t use your personal information like address, name, birthday, and some regular ones.
  • Never set your Wi-Fi name which matches your password because your password will be cracked easily by the strangers.

Funny WiFi Names General:

This Wi-Fi name is for general which you can select any of your theme form below if interested.

  1. Pay for Every Bytes
  2. Link your Aadhar to Wi-Fi.
  3. Pubg Mad
  4. Virus Network
  5. I slept with your Wi-Fi.
  6. Open Network
  7. Data Pack Expired
  8. Only for Girl’s
  9. Porn is blocked
  10. One Person Only
  11. Trespassers are prohibited.
  12. Password is Password
  13. I’m not a witch I’m your Wi-Fi
  14. No LAN for Wicked
  15. I did your Wi-Fi last night
  16. Not the Wi-Fi you were looking for

Funny Names for Shops WiFi:

Most of the shops need Wi-Fi connections for their business, so for shop owners can proceed below.

  1. Intelligence Team is Watching
  2. I Hacked Your Phone
  3. You Connect and I Debit
  4. Network Error Found
  5. Don’t connect with others Wife
  6. Your phone password is Password
  7. Don’t steal others money
  8. Shop is Houseful
  9. Free Gift Voucher
  10. We are Watching you
  11. We are no doing social service
  12. Pay twice the use
  13. Stealing Wi-Fi is a crime
  14. Be a boss to use
  15. Only for who don’t have mobile

Funny WiFi Names for Café:

This place must need a Wi-Fi connection for the café shop owners to go below.

  1. Anything Else, Sir?
  2. Café + Friends + Wi-Fi = Enjoy?
  3. 1 Cup coffees for Wi-Fi pass?
  4. Are you at the right café?
  5. Hot coffee with hotspot
  6. Why are you here?
  7. Let me know how was the coffee
  8. Just have a coffee
  9. Connectivity for couples
  10. Occupy and connect
  11. Please order your coffee
  12. Bill added to your coffee bill
  13. 1 sip = 1 byte
  14. How was the sugar
  15. Wipeout before logout

Funny WiFi Names for Home LAN:

  1. No Internet Access
  2. I’m in your closet
  3. Slow Wi-Fi
  4. Only For Kids
  5. Is it your father’s Wi-Fi?
  6. It’s a private property
  7. InterTubes
  8. Untrusted Network
  9. Wi-Fi suspended
  10. Cops on the way
  11. The girl Next door
  12. 404 Error
  13. Only for Mad
  14. Run, here is a bomb
  15. Don’t steal

Funny WiFi Names For office Wi-Fi:

  1. Net Speed is limited
  2. I’m your boss
  3. Works notified
  4. Bigboss
  5. Work smart not hard
  6. Increment for your extra work
  7. Pay to enjoy
  8. Not connected
  9. Try again
  10. Don’t waste time
  11. It’s your working hour
  12. Will detect in your payment
  13. Hope you are dedicated
  14. Debited from your account
  15. Only for admin

Funny WiFi Names For Club:

  1. Free only for girls
  2. Use your Wi-Fi
  3. Network not found
  4. Virus Detected
  5. Connect to die
  6. Come in to get high speed
  7. 7G
  8. I don’t know the password
  9. Pay for use
  10. Get password at heaven
  11. Password wrong
  12. For porn use only
  13. Free Wi-Fi for one night stand
  14. Access Denied
  15. Login into my club


These are some collection we get for you guys, So I hope you may find your right one here change your router name and get attracted to your friends and strangers.

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