zAnti tutorial

Hi folks now am going to show how to hack another Windows Computer or Android Mobile in your network using your Android Phone with the zANTI Application it is like the droid apps.
zANTI is the mobile Penetration Testing Application for Pentesters for Hacking and Security Administrators to simulate an advanced attacker to identify the malicious techniques you need Rooted Android Phone.

This Tutorial gives you the way to perform Man in the Middle Attack using only your Android Mobile now follow the given steps.

1. Root Your Android Phone.(Refer Here)  

2. Download the zANTI APK file from given link and Install it in your Android Phone.

treeks android hacking

3. Open the zANTI Application it asks to Register so register with your Mail ID or an Fake ID then it scans for the device which are connected in your network and then shows a list of devices which are connected to your Network.

zAnti tutorial

4. In the device list select any one device which you want to perform Man in the Middle Attack.


5. Now Select the Man in the Middle Option.

zAnti tutorial

6. Turn it On by tapping the option in upper right corner. android hacking apps

7. Then Turn On the Replace Image option and click that settings icon.

8. Now choose the Image which you want to show in the Victim’s Device when he opens a website.

zAnti tutorial

9. Thats all now am opening My website in my another device which I want Hack using Man in the Middle Attack. Oops all images in site shows only the image i have selected in the zANTI application. hack wifi using androidzAnti tutorial

Using this Application you can do number of Hacking using your Android Mobile



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