How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Won’t Charge Problem

Hey, Guys! Today we will discuss a familiar problem in smartphones major among the Samsung Galaxy S4 users that is the phone won’t charge or Galaxy S4 won’t charge. This article gives the clear essence that is a definite concept which will fix the issue of won’t charge of Galaxy S4 smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is an Android smartphone which entered the market since March 14, 2013. This mobile is the best piece in the Samsung S series of unique features, but the design is as same as the previous model. Samsung Galaxy S4 provides various stunning features such as lighter in weight, small length, a thickness of 7.9 mm, top front facing camera, proximity sensors, ambient sensors, and Infrared blaster in it.

But at the same time, Samsung Galaxy S4 suffers from the typical problem that, the Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t charge. Just discard the fear about the Samsung S4 active won’t charging and proceed to the following tips and tricks which may lead you to fix of Samsung Galaxy S4 charging problems.

Now, this article will help you in all possible ways that lead to the success of fixing the problem of galaxy S4 won’t charge, continue reading until the end of the fixing process.

First Fix The USB Port By-Yourself

The most rapid method and most natural way of fixing this kind of issues are that of adjusting or repairing the USB port on your hardware. The problem is due to the often unplugging and plugging of the port, followed by a manufacturing defect or because of the lousy contact in between the metal surfaces of the USB port in your hardware.

It is done smoothly by removing the battery from your hardware with the help of any additional types of equipment such as forceps and wiping it by a soft cloth which may scientifically charge the battery by electrostatic effect, and then insert it to your Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone until satisfying.

Charge It Through Appropriate Power Source

By avoiding PC or Laptop using as a charging source for your hardware and it is better to use a wall socket which is an appropriate source for a smartphone because of the low power delivery in the USB ports of PC or Laptop may cause an issue of Samsung S4 won’t charge problems. In case of using wall socket gives a double the power than the USB ports of PC or Laptop. So avoid using PC or a Laptop as your power source for charging your smartphone.

Thereby it causes a defect which does the Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t charge problems, and it leads to the performance variation when compared to the wall socket power source.

Use Proper Samsung S4 Charger

Confirm the charger before using to process whether it is a company recommended for your Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone or it is a second-hand charger or another device charger. If anything goes wrong, just have an inquiry with the charger by placing a test on that charger which doesn’t have the name on it.

It is not too complicated just plug the Samsung Galaxy S4 with that charger that is in which you have doubt whether it is a recommended charger from the company or not and leave it for just 10 min and note down the battery percentage if percentage does not appear in the taskbar just don’t panic it’s not a problem settings>>battery>>show percentage and unlock the screen after 10 min check the battery percentage of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.

If your smartphone is boosted up with appropriate percentage with the correct time consumption, then the charger is recommended one if it does not deliver the expected percentage then there is a problem with the charger adapter nor with the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone because of the other device.

For example, if you use a charger of a smartwatch or a Bluetooth device it’s delivering frequency varies according to the ampere that has been provided to that particular device. Hence make sure that you are using a recommended charger.

Update Galaxy S4 OS or Regime change

Updating of the Android operating system of a smartphone or Samsung Galaxy S4 either plays a vital role in the lifespan of a battery, specifically to the trending or flagship update of an Android operating system.

This differs between the older one and the weakest one that is if standby mode of a smartphone having android OS of Lollipop 5.0.1 is low when compared to the OS of a Marshmallow. So, always stick to the updates of a Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile to avoid the issue of Galaxy S4 not charging.

Swap The Battery

The battery does not exceed up to two years or maximum of two, and a half year, after a couple of years they start to undertake to hold the charge from that charge capacity level, so you often release and boost them, so it needs a replacing of the battery.

In another case some batteries are busted after six months its mostly occur due to its manufacturing faulty so the customer you should have to replace the new battery with the use of the warranty card of its battery, before that we have to check of its duration day of its warranty card, its held up to two years.

In some other cases we can quickly identify the battery damages by which we can determine through the start to bulge or through the occurrence of leak fluid identifies the damages inspect it, if nothing happens in them the losses occur from the outside if so happened we have to remove your device cover and inspect the battery but the newly designed phones they have the sealed battery’s so we have to check them.

If the batteries have not been covered you could have to plant the device on its back of the battery and to spin it, for the bulging cases we should not have to see its bulge ,we have to spin your phone while we spinning your phone we have to suspect your battery might be in the condition of swallon and leaking and after that get your phone to the repair shop to buy a prominent replacement of the battery.

Remove From Dirt Ashes And Sand Granules

Are you the person who has the habit of keeping your phone in the pocket of your jeans? If you do so the lint could be the culprit: Because of the lint we have lost track of the number of times there are some unreliable reason in it, the USB charging turned out to be dust from the pocket of your Levis.

In some cases, we have seen phones with the charging ports have been chocked with chocolate and some people having their phone with sweets in the handbag. There are some remedies to clean the dirt ashes, through the blow out of the compressed air in the USB porter can get your phone back to the normal.

Shut It Down

For keeping the charging level higher without draining, we need to follow some procedures, where using battery – intensive app/features of WhatsApp, hike, skype, IMO while you are charging your device will affect the way of how it will quickly it gains the battery life.

In some other cases if you are charging while you using the app features of skyping with somebody at the level of screen percentage of 100 percent of brightness, the device will naturally takes longer to charge because of high percentage of brightness level and the video quality of the app features so that it would be on its screen, Wi-Fi and the 4G must be turned off because the data usage of 4G alow takes some charges while we use the wi-fi so the 4G must be turned off.

In other cases switch the device to airplane mode,or off completely off the device while charging when you are charging if you want to check the fastest energy injection of the app features that takes the high charge consumption think of it making your device and take a power nap in this cases we can able to saving the charging level

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