How To Fix Snapchat Memories Not Working, Backup Error, Memory Disappeared

Today am going to solve your recent problem in a Snapchat app that is snapchat memory disappeared, snapchat memories not working and backup error in snapchat app. Just follow steps mentioned in this post to easily solve your problem.

Snapchat memories:

  • Snapchat introduced new features for the use of the Snapchat users here we have a new feature called as Snapchat memories this was the new update in the year of 2016 let’s see what it has and how it works
  • These Snapchat memories takes the old snaps and create the new one, and we can create the stories in the Snapchat when you are on the Snap screen, you look the two circles in it under the big circle one small circle appeared in it this actually called as the memories
  • When you open the memories manual you have bunch of all snaps in it by using this all snaps you can create stories, camera roll in which we can import our camera and make a story, and it also having the new section called as the “My eyes story” section here you have the password entry that available for the user security that the user only may able to see the memories.
  • Here using the old snaps you can able to edit and add a text to it, and you make a new story, and you may send it to your friends
  • Here the collection of all personal Snaps and stories are now saved and backed up into the memories, by using  my eyes story section we may back up the memories
  • These Sanapchat memories are getting linked into your Snapchat account, and all your snaps are getting backed up in your cloud. By using this, we may able to access your memories where ever you want. For example, if you login Snapachat in another device if you already backed up your memories to cloud you able to get into the new device.

Snapchat memories error:

In many cases, the Snapchat memories disappeared where you have backed up with the hundreds of your snaps backed up into your memories get gone, or else you find with the message of Snapchat memories empty? Here we have some solution to get back that based on the situation of your account      

Download the latest version:     

  • First thing you would have to keep in mind  that if any problems occurred in your respective apps you need to check their recent update of the apps, so you have to verify with the help of apps store if it is asking for update you have to update the latest version here the same thing we going to do it the Snapchat ,
  • First go to the app store and update the latest version and after you have updated the Snapchat go and log-out your Snapchat account and again log-in your snapchat  this is one of the simple solution to get back our data and to avoid this you just move on to memories just tick the box of “auto–save stories ” which help to enabled the stories will be automatically saved on it ,and to the top of the auto save stories the another option available in it which is in the form of “save to..” just change the settings in the form of “memories & camera roll
  • When we change the settings to the memories and camera roll, this will automatically stores in your phone gallery by doing this the stories are get saved in your phone gallery

Recovery method:

If your memories of the Snapchat get deleted here through the technique of recovery of deleted photos get back into your device through the recovery tool there are various type of recovery tool available choose the right tool for your android and ios and windows and mac

Recovery for Android and iOS:

If you are using the Snapchat in your android and iOS  you get lost your stories and memories, and photos and videos you are searching for the recovery don’t worry for the Android user here there is a tool called “ EraceUS MobiSaver  ”this is the popular online recovery software tool for the android

Recovery for windows and mac:

Here to get the deleted photos and stories and memories of your Snapchat just download this website of

  1. First, go and download the software form the Woo Data Recovery they were different downloads are available for windows and mac
  2. If you use the Snapchat in windows click  windows with the  available MB of 26.4m
  3. And then install and run the software
  4. After you have installed the software choose into recovery mode so select the recovery mode to standard mode shows in the bottom of the screen
  5. After you clicked on it, the four list options are available to choose the list option with the name of “last file recovery.”
  6. And select to scan the device before that set a location and allow it to deep scan
  7. List of deleted files are preview in the lift side choose file which you want to recover and select the location to store the recovery files and finally you got the Snapchat medias

Delete Snapchat cache:

Before deleting your Snapchat cache, you have to know that what it is and why we are clearing the cache?

By clearing your Snapchat cache, this will free up space on your mobile device this contains your recent snaps and stories that you have saved in your memories

Here we have the Steps to clear the cache:

  • First, tap the Snapchat icon application on your camera screen
  • On the top corner of the right side, the settings may appear in it tap that
  • And go to account settings
  • And tap to clear cache
  • On the next page after taping the clear cache, the two option may show  it tap to choose the clear memories cache
  • After you have tap the “clear memories cache” the pop message appears in it in the form of clear memory cache? Click to clear now the cache get clear

If you want to disable the Snapchat memories?

If you want to disable the Snapchat just go to settings and click to memory settings in that click the memories to the camera roll only by doing so this will disable the Snapchat memories.

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