How to Fix Windows Module Installer Worker High Cpu Usage

Windows Module Installer Worker:  

Windows module installer checks for the new updates from the Windows and installs them on your computer if your system needs installation, modification, and removal of windows updates and optional components according to this service description, this windows module get work.

Windows module installer is otherwise called as the Tiworker.exe which is nothing but the one part of the operating system where this is the one part of the window update or the other window component, if you close this window update it will affect your system in the form two ways of pushes the disk usages to 100% and this will cause the system to get hang. 

And finally the system won’t work, and these issues does not resolve by itself, and you should have to keep in mind this won’t occur due to the virus, this is not a virus, this is not the application that you able to uninstall and install it is one part the component of pc.

Check the CPU Usage and How to fix Windows Module Installer Worker:

How you can reduce the CPU usage in Windows 10, now the CPU usage occupies 99 % of CPU here we have some solution to control the CPU usage

Method 1:

  • First, go to task manager
  • And search in the apps and background process and section because to find which program is using the high CPU usage
  • For example – if you find any background process like “Yandex” is  the  process using the lot of CPU just assume it, so we have to end this, and one thing we have to note that this, not a drive Yandex is a browser running on the background, so if it is used more CPU usage just click on it and look at the end of the right side, you will find the end task just click on it the Yandex process get the end.
  • If you find any process like NVIDIA share using more CPU if you stop the pc will get stop
  • So be aware while you closing the end task if it is displayed drive don’t choose to end it
  • Hopefully, this will reduce some CPU usage

Method 2:

  • We have another method to reduce our CPU usage close the task manager
  • And press window button and R together
  • And you will find the Run window
  • And type and enter regedit.exe where this regedit.exe will help for executable for the windows registry editor which is used to view and change the settings in the system registry
  • And it will ask permission click yes
  • Once you click yes here we get the register editor in that on the left side you will get some editors first click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and  from that list click SYSTEM
  • In that click current control set in that click services
  • From the services scroll down till you find the “time broker ” you see
  • Click on the time broker on right side you will some name type, and data of the windows is sown in it
  • In that, you will have list of stuff and from that find the key code of start
  • And right click on it the start and choose modify  
  • Here we have the edit DWORD value will get preview
  • And its value type is 3, and we have to change the value type to 4
  • And finally, restart your computer

Method 3:

  • And we have another method by using the command prompt you will get the super fresh service, here by using this some kind of background process that running on window that occupies lots of CPU  
  • Search the CMD for the command prompt in search bar
  • And right click on it and click run as administrator
  • Click yes on it
  • And you will get the command prompt and after you will get this enter  the command of “net.exe stop superfetch” click enter
  • After you get the message of superfetch  get stopped and successfully stopped
  • There are other cases the superfetch is not stopped its gives error
  • This will helps to fix the high usage of CPU

In Windows 10 How to Fix Windows Modules Installer Worker high CPU usage?

Method 1:

  • Here we have the steps to control the high CPU usage for the window modules installer
  • First, come to the main window screen
  • And using the right-click, and click on to the task manager
  • The list of apps and background process and apps are preview in it
  • In that click on to the services
  • And after you have click on to the services and at the bottom, the “open service ” is getting preview and click on it
  • And we will get the list of services and click on to the name you have to find and scroll till you find the window module installer
  • After you have found it double click on it, and you will receive some properties of window module installer
  • And you have stopped the running process on the service status click the “stop” button
  • And the current process of window module installer get stoped
  • And after you have stopped this process click on to the service type in that you have to set the service type to “manual.”
  • And after you have set click “OK.”

Method 2:

  • Come to the main window screen and using right click and click on to the task manager
  • And click on the services
  • And click on to the open services
  • And under the name click on to the window update
  • Click to stop
  • And under the service type click to manual and again set to disable and regain set to manual and click to apply
  • After you set this click to “OK.”

By using this two methods, we can able to reduce the high CPU usage of the window module

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