How To Join A Gym in Pokemon Go And Become Gym Leader

Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go is the location-based game this was the reality game developed by Niantic; Pokemon is a game which is free to play, this was played through Android and iOS devices, it was released on 6 July 2016, the teams include of Team Instinct, Team Mystic, Team Valor.

Pokemon is the mean of “Pocket Monsters” in this Pokemon game the monsters roam in the land, and your job is to find, and capture and train them, and then you put them in the battle against another player.

How does the Pokemon Go work?

Pokemon GO works by using your phone GPS, by using location its bring up that cool looking Pokemon on your screen, its view in the form of what views on top of you and front of you and this makes you look like digitally and you are the Pokemon Trainer in the game you will dressed up with clothing, a team consisting of three players are also available you can join the team and other options are also available.

How to join a Pokemon team:

  • If you want to join a team and perform the battles?
  • First, go to the Pokemon application
  • For joining the team, you need to have the level five, and above because after that you can join the team and perform the gym battle.
  • So get to that level five you have the lots of Pokemon’s once you have the lots of Pokemon’s on your kitty you can able to do the gym battles
  • Here your current level is identified in the left bottom of your screen, only after level five the gym towers  appear on the screen
  • There are two to three towers on it
  • Just tap any one of that

After that you have to touch the tower then you will receive the six pop up messages on above another they are

  • “Wow! It looked like you’ve caught a bunch of Pokemon and gained a lot of experience as Pokemon trainer, hug? Great! ”
  • “ it looks like you’re about ready to start participating in Pokemon battle.”
  • I have three excellent assistant
  • They each directed a team, and each has a slightly different to researching Pokemon
  • Part of the research is conducting Pokemon battle on the team
  • They’re excited to have you join as a team member

Before joining the battle, you should have to join  the team assistant:

  1. Yellow Team: Here there is a guy named Spark– where he is the leader of the team instinct, here the Pokemon are the creatures with the excellent institution, and also beat the secrets to their institution is related to how they’re hatched, and you never lose when you trust your instincts! And he is the first assistant
  2. Blue Team: Here there will be a girl named name Blanche- where she is the leader of Team Mystic, here the wisdom of Pokemon is immeasurably deep. Here the researching why it is that they evolve, and with the calm analysis of every situation, we can’t lose! And she the second team assistant
  3. Red team: here there is a team name Candela- where she is the leader of Team Valor!  Here the Pokemon are stronger than humans, and they’re warm-hearted, too! And the research in the researching the ways to enhance the Pokemon’s natural power in the pursuit of their strength and she is the third assistant

And choose one time which you want to work. And finally, you get into the gym training

What happens in Gym training:

This gym training makes you train with your team and battle against your team, if you manage to defeat all the Pokemon’s in your team, then you go to the prestige level by making it difficult and you are then moving to defeat with another team.

Use the Pokemon’s two moves to battle; you can also attack by swiping left and right.

Creating Trainer club account for beginners:

  1. First of all to get the Pokemon’s go trainer club account, go to Pokemon application installed from the play store
  2. You have the screen appears in the form of sign up with either through  Google  or Pokemon Trainer club
  3. Hit the Pokemon trainer club
  4. Then you have received the screen with the Pokemon trainer club with the username and password if you already have the Pokemon account just sign up if you don’t have account then use sign up tab to register
  5. After you have tabbed the register, it will take to the Pokemon official trainer club website from that you have to register your following details.
  6. You have to enter your date of birth and country after entering these details hit on continue.
  7. After hitting on continue you must enter your username and password and email address, if you are creating the new account enter your name and after enter your username tap the  check availability if it not available create a another username, if your username is available then go and set a password, note that your password must be in the form of lower case, upper case and some symbols and numbers and confIrm password and enter your email
  8. And after you have entered this details just scroll and accept the terms and condition so just tick the box.
  9. And hit on continue so that it will register for the Pokemon trainer club account
  10. And finally, you have created your trainer club account after creating it enter in the trainer club of your username and password hit to sign in button so just wait for the login.
  11. And you get your Pokemon trainer club account.
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