How To Play PS3 Games on PS4

Hello guys, today’s tech world the kid to adults are mostly spending their time on electronic devices such as a computer and mobile. Among them, one of the most used products is PS games.

These PS games are famous for any of the kids most perceptively among 90’s and 2k kids. Many of the kids have become mad over these games. They could play continuously without any food too.

Now the PS versions which are popular in the market are PS3 and PS4, for PS4 buyers would love most to play their old PS3 games on PS4. Some may think that this is possible or not, dam sure it is possible don’t worry and follow the below steps.

Does PS4 support Backward Compatibility?

One could easily play the PS2 games on their PS3 machine because PS3 supports backward compatibility. The process of playing the old games disk into the newer one is backward compatibility. So the PS3 supports the games which you played in the PS2, this is a type of backward compatibility. Now we need to play the PS3 games on PS4 so whether this PS4 supports the backward compatibility means; the answer is NO. The PS4 doesn’t support backward compatibility. Don’t get hurt there is an optional way to run the PS3 games on your PS4, guys just follow the below steps to achieve this backward compatibility manually.

Steps to Play PS3 Games on PS4:

PlayStation Setup:

  • You need the sony entertainment account to start setup if you don’t have that no worries it’s a free of cost you guys may get register an account freely. Just surf to the website!/en-us/home/main and create a new account by proceeding further steps in the website.
  • A speed internet connection which is necessary to continue the process, your net speed should be minimum 5 Mbps to continue without any distraction. Slow speed connection may occur a loss of data packets which make the process to continue to form the starting point, to avoid this situation make sure that you have a strong network connection.
  • Need a Dual shock3 or Dual shock4 Wireless controller, the joysticks which act as an input device which is used to feed commands to the games.
  • Turn on your PS4 now and connect it to the internet.
  • Now select the type of internet connection whether it may be a wireless or wired, the wired connection is much better than the wireless connection because the internet speed will be higher when compared to the wireless and sony also recommend you to connect with a wired network.
  • If you are using the wireless connection, then some steps were recommended to connect to a wireless network which is entering the credentials. If you are ok with the Ethernet connection plugs it in.
  • Now your basic requirements and setup were done to proceed further.

Some useful Tips during Setup:

During the setup, you may lead to some technical issues or network issues to overcome with those kinds of issues we give some small tips, follow to run your setup smoothly without any distraction.

Wireless connection fails:

As already said, sony recommends wired connection form you guys to continue setup, so if any connection problem occurs when you connect with the wireless network, switch over to the Ethernet connection.

  • If your connection is weak then close the important data of download and any other services which consume a high amount of your internet data, this may cause your PlayStation to slow down its process.
  • If your PlayStation now has not loaded yet means check your data connection and its speed, you can do this in your PlayStation by power on your PlayStation and select the network, now select Test your Internet connection option and take a note on your network speed where you can find next to connection speed. Note your connection speed must be of 5Mbps.

 Connecting to PlayStation :

  • Now you need to navigate to the home page of the PlayStation and open the PlayStation store. Here you can sign up and buy.
  • Now you have to manage your PS subscription and games; you can download the games from here.
  • Select your subscription plan from here; the plans were based on three different structure as of one month, three months and twelve-month plan with 7 seven days of free trial.
  • Proceed further steps with the PlayStation now and complete the payment option and now this PS will be available in your content launcher
  • Now go to the content launcher and open the PS now that’s it now you can access to over 100’s of PS3 games on your PS4 directly.

Cost of PlayStation Now Subscription:

  • 1 Month pack — $19.99
  • 3 Month pack — $49.99
  • 1 Year pack — $99.99

Some Games that support on PS4:

  • Batman
  • DeadIsland
  • A.R
  • Lost Planet 2
  • InFamous
  • NBA 2k14
  • God of War


Now you guys may start to play your favorite PS3 games on your PS4 by following the steps. Start playing and share this information with your friends and make them surprised somewhat.

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