How To Dual Boot Kali Linux With Windows

In my previous post I give a tutorial to install Kali Linux in Android using Linux Deploy I got huge response for that. Today am going to give a tutorial to Install Kali Linux with Windows as Dual Boot. This is mainly for beginners.

1. Download Kali Linux Iso from the below link.

2. Make Kali Linux USB Boot by download Linux Operating System Live USB Creator from the link given below.

3. Now Restart your PC and select Boot from USB option in the boot screen.
4. Select Graphical Install in the next screen.
dual boot kali linux with windows

5. Then Select your Language for the Kali Linux and click Continue.

6. Then Select your Country Location and Click Continue then select keyboard layout and click continue.
dual boot kali linux with windows
7. In the next screen type your Host Name for Kali Linux then leave the Domain Name blank and Enter Password for Root.
Kali Linux Treeks
8. In Partioning the Disks please select Manual Method to partition
dual boot kali linux with windows
9. In the Partitions List select the partition which you want to Install Kali Linux. You need to create Two partitions so Delete the partition and first create a new partition size of 2 GB for the files of Boot loader the mount point is ‘/boot’ and then create another partition with remaining size and select the Mount point as ‘/ ‘ and click Finish the partitioning and click continue you may refer the below images to get clear idea.
treeks Kali Linux Download
Kali Linux Download
dual boot kali linux with windows
Kali Linux Install
10. Now you almost finished the setup installs the Kali Linux on your Hard Drive it takes some time to complete so leave it for some time after this step it ask network mirror to download latest updates please select No and click continue you can do it manually later.
dual boot kali linux with windows
11. Then it will installs the GRUB Boot Loader and prompts to remove your installation USB and click continue after that it restarts.
12. Now your computer boots up with GRUB boot loader here you can choose your OS in the Boot Menu now select Kali Linux to boot into it then give the Username and Password to Login into Kali Linux the Default Username is root and password is set by you.
Kali Linux Tutorials
How to Update Kali Linux:
Its not a big task at all its very easy like other Debian based distributions. Just type the below commands in the terminal to update kali linux.
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
Try this friends and enjoy hacking with Kali Linux.


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