Solved : Is Daily Motion Safe to Use and Watch?

There aren’t many popular websites when it comes to consuming visual media. As we all know, youtube has been the goon of this platform. Created in ‘2005’ by Olivier Poitrey and Benjamin Bejbaum in France ‘Dailymotion’ grew out to be the second most popular video consuming website after youtube. It also holds the 31st position in the internet community.


It is a video streaming community with about more than a billion views and million videos viewed per month. Anyhow there’s been an accusation over this website for spreading malicious software, also Dailymotion is considered to be in a position of many sensitive contents which allows children easy access. Many parents have come across this particular website and have faced issues over their children.


This brings the question over child safety. Which is to be found that children without proper age limit access sensitive content beyond reach. Though Dailymotion rectified this problem by restricting children, they also made sensitive material to be not visible by default. You have to confirm your age and allow permissions to view sensitive content.


And lately, Norton antivirus declared Dailymotion to be safe under their authority. This brings us to a conclusion that, though Dailymotion was unsafe at the beginning; efforts have been made from the team of Dailymotion to ease the viewing experience and safe for users to consume media for their website.

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