5 Best Alternatives For MP3BOO To Hear Musics Online

When you are relaxed when you are stressed when you are at jolly mood, the first thing you started to do is sing the lyrics of the song or listen to the song. The song acts a major role in our life for relaxation, hearing a song keeps your mind somewhat fresh, listening to song act as refreshment. For some people, song listening is an addiction.

Music Nowadays:

All sort of music is available on the internet today, whether it may be new or old. Some sites provide only music for the peoples where they can stream and listen to the songs. Some websites are paid, and in some, we can only stream and can’t able to download.


One among the largest streaming songs site is mp3boo; this site contains a huge number of songs collection with a minimum range of 3 lakhs. The best among the mp3 streaming site is Mp3Book.com, which is blocked in the recent days. When you tried to open this site, you will be facing an error.

This site is blocked due to much-updated music is published in this site. The Mp3Boo is one of the free sites to stream music without any subscription.  As of now this Mp3Boo also get blocked because of many updated songs list. Due to this site block, we have some alternative solutions for this; we have discussed the various sites to stream music below.

Best 5 Alternatives for MP3BOO:

Sound Cloud:

Sound cloud is one of the best websites with free music where this site contains a user’s in a big bang range. The service provided by this sound cloud site is very embarrassing; this was introduced in the range of 2008. This site makes a user to connect and share the sound and artist to the others.

It contains a library of new songs and even to too old songs with excellent quality. This act as a platform for creating music, and you can get the response and feedback form the users. It allows you to connect to the artist’s collection anywhere in the world.


  • You can upload your own sound and share it with your friends.
  • They provide an excellent infrastructure for playing music.
  • It attracts more attention, from the music recording companies.


  • Proper marketing over the sound cloud is more important.
  • When you upload your music in the sound cloud, it will be misused by others.


One of the significant upcoming site which contains all artist collections based on the region and language. It includes an enormous amount of collections in their library. Spotify is available in all kind of operating systems.

It allows users to create their kind of playlist and share among with the Spotify users.  Spotify is one of the paid subscriptions, so you should pay a certain amount to listen to Spotify music without any distractions.


  • Contains high-quality songs.
  • Contains new Collections.
  • Contains collections based on region wise.


  • Spotify ask a user to subscribe
  • Not all new songs were displayed.

MP3 Juices:

This site contains a million of song collection based over the language and region, and this site needs the users to enter the starting of the song name where it regulates and give the right song for the user, it also shows the nearest search-related songs too in the search.

It makes the site different from the other sites. One of the excellent features from this site is download option and save the music to our Dropbox, Google Drive, and much more.


  • Multiple formats and more options are available
  • It is much fast and efficient one.
  • It is compatible with mobile and even with old web browsers.


  • They are offering you a free service; in the background, they will use your data.
  • They will offer a high price to subscribe when you get addicted.


Comparing all the above sites, Emusic also gets accessed from the worldwide and simultaneously the collections will also be over the world. This site has a fantastic interface.

Any music around the world could be get streamed on a global scale. This site will attract users with their interface and their various kind of features.


  • Very fast and instant download
  • It is cheap what you guys can get
  • You can download the music which you bought over a long period again and again.


  • Albums arrive late
  • Many songs were get omitted; it makes frustrated.


Users can avail lots of music with any sorting features. This site is very easier to navigate and go through. This site contains not only the music but also the music option. This site doesn’t contain any advertisements and promotions while listening to the songs.


  • The vast collection is available
  • Audio collections were in a great set.


  • They need to improve their User Interface.


Above-shared websites are working under the same logic of searching the songs and listening to the quality of songs, each site has their style of user interface and each style of songs collection and features and much more too.

So enjoy music using your above sites or any of the sites you came across and choose as your best, kindly share to others knowledge when you are satisfied with any others you came across.

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