NetCut: WiFiKill For Android, Windows And Linux – Disable Net Connectivity Of Other Users

Use WiFi network with high speed by disabling net connectivity of other users which are connected with the WiFi network using NETCUT application in android.

What is Netcut?

Netcut is a software available for both windows and android. It is used to cut the internet connectivity of others who are connected to same wifi network. In android its interface is very easy you can cut the wifi connectivity of others by a single click. You can also find and change the mac address of other devices.
1. Install and open the Netcut application in android phone.
2. Select the scan button to see the users connected in WiFi or LAN.
3. It will shows the number of devices which are connected to the Network. Now simply click the device to cut the wifi connectivity.
Thats all do this again for another device to cut their wifi connectivity and your device is protected by netcut itself.

Download Acrai Netcut for Windows here

Download Tuxcut for GNU/Linux here

For Debian and Ubuntu Based

For Fedora and Red Hat Based 

Note: This is only for educational purpose.

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