Remix OS For PC Free Download Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and MAC OS

Hi, guys! Today we will see about Remix OS for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10. This article will show you about the features of Remix OS and necessary to download a Remix OS on your PC.

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Android applications are used by millions of people because the features offered by Android applications always great. Many entertaining, communication apps are launched every day and used by millions of users across the globe. So everyone can be an addict to these amazing apps. Users always want to use their Android applications on their computer or laptop. But the computer or PC version of Android applications are not available always. So, users get disappointed about this. To solve this disguise, users uses Android emulators. android emulator is the software which is used to run your Android applications on the big screen such as computer or Laptop.

Android emulators are the good way to use the Android application on a PC. It will create Android Virtual Machine or Virtual Box that will be like your Tablet or Android mobile. It offers all the features provided by your Android mobiles but also some extra features such as unlimited memory, PC compatibility, playing games on the big screen, etc.

But somehow android emulators are made slow your computer and some errors occur in android emulators. the errors can be fixed by using various methods.

But imagine whereas installing the Android emulators on your PC, why can’t you install the Operating System that has native Android Environment. Have you ever thought to install the OS that will run your Android applications without any complexity and provide the features exactly like your Android phone? Yes! It is possible by an Operating system called Remix OS.

Remix OS is the best way to run your android applications on your PC. Remix OS provides the native Android environment, so you don’t need to install any other Android emulator such as Bluestacks, Youwave on your PC. Remix OS is designed for computer, laptop, and tablets.

Remix OS is available for 32 bit and also 64 bit systems. 32-bit system has legacy BIOS only, 64-bit system UEFI boot and legacy compatible.

Why Should You Download Remix OS For PC?

Remix OS is not just the Android emulator, it is a fully developed OS. So it has a lot of flexibility and a more capable way to run your favorite Android applications on your PC. It was developed by the JIDE  Technology company and the developers of Remix OS are former Google employees. Remix OS  brings the Android experience to the PC  users by adapting the Android environment to PC standards. Remix OS is completely free software, so you can use the amazing OS without any pay that is remix OS is free to download, free to install and free to update. It is wonderful, you can get the amazing features without single penny or cost whereas some emulators offer some features for only paid version. It has jide store, which offers more than 2 million Android apps to download. You can also download the Android apps directly from Google Play store also.

Remix OS is completely free software, so you can use the amazing OS without any pay that is remix OS is free to download, free to install and free to update. It is wonderful, you can get the amazing features without single penny or cost whereas some emulators offer some features for only paid version. It has jide store, which offers more than 2 million Android apps to download. You can also download the Android apps directly from Google Play store also.

The most interesting feature is the speed of the Remix OS. No one wants to work with a device which is too lag, slow performance. But, Remix OS has a native Android environment that starts with fast and always stays with fast. For example, it has high speed and performance when compared to Bluestacks 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and One Plus.

Amazing Features Of Remix OS For PC

Remix OS always satisfies the user needs by its amazing features. The features of Remix OS for PC are,

  1. Remix OS provides the native Android environment.
  2. Remix OS is Android x86 architecture and it takes all advantage of Google Environment.
  3. Remix OS is available at completely free. It is free to download, free to install, free to update.
  4. Remix OS allows Multi Window support.
  5. Remix OS is considered as Lightweight OS.
  6. One can re-size the window and it also allows to maximize the video based apps from its normal size.
  7. You can download the app from jide store which offr=ers more than 2 million Android applications.
  8. You can install your favorite Android apps such as Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go and enjoy your favorite Android apps on the big screen.
  9. You can install your communications apps such as Instagram, snap chat, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc on your PC
  10. Remix OS has Browser, File Manager and a variety of applications that specially designed for the Remix OS.
  11. You can directly download the Android apps from Google Play store.
  12. It supports Android Lollipop and Android Marshmallow applications.
  13. It allows USB Boot of Remix OS.
  14. Remix OS has been turned as Chrome OS.
  15. It will securely contain the User’s documents and apps.

System Requirements of Remix OS for PC

Remix OS doesn’t require a lot of requirements, it will require a minimum amount of resources. Be sure before downloading Remix OS, your PC will have the enough resources to run Remix OS.

The minimum requirements of Remix OS are,

  1. CPU: 2 GHz dual-core processor or above
  3. HARD DISK SPACE: minimum 8 GB of Hard Drive space
  4. INTERNET: internet connection is helpful.
  5. USB DRIVE:  USB Flash drive that supports FAT 32 format with a minimum capacity of 8 GB.

Things You Should Know About Remix OS For PC

  • The Remix OS for PC can be installed on a USB drive or externally running from a live CD mode. You can put the data on the USB drive.
  • You can use two or more OS on your PC depending on your PC model. If your system has the capability to run two OS at a time on your PC, then you can Remix os along with other, switch between at the start up. You don’t get any issues from Remix OS.
  • You don’t need to download a virtual box to run your Android applications. Because Remix OS will provide you a native Android environment that will run your Android applications flawlessly like Android mobile phones.
  • Remix OS provides gaming, productivity, social, learning, shopping, entertainment apps. Most of the apps are free and installed by a single click on your PC.
  • Remix OS provides Android Ecosystems is the flexibility to select the apps to depend upon your choices and flexibility.
  • It is the desktop version of Android so, if you have the experience of using Android devices then definitely easy to learn and use. You will definitely love Remix OS.
  • Remix OS 2.0 was released in February 2016. It will support 32-bit computers.

Special Features of Remix OS For PC

  • Multiple window support: it supports multiple window capability, so you can play games while chatting with friends.
  • Taskbar: it provides effective taskbar, you can easily switch between the apps by a single click.
  • Keyboard and Mouse optimization: you can easily optimize your keyboard and mouse and you can able to effectively interact with your apps and games.
  • File Manager: Remix OS file manager offers a variety of functionalities which could access, transfer and save files efficiently.
  • Screen capture: Remix OS screen capture allows you to capture the specific target in apps and games. So you can save your time from cropping the images.
  • Regular updates: latest Remix OS updates software by OTA updater automatically.

Remix OS For PC Review

Remix OS for PC is not a consistent operating system. But it provides the better flexibility to run your android applications on your PC. It provides a mobile operating system on your PC. Remix OS definitely better than any other android emulators. it stable on the market due it’s high-speed performance with the forever free scheme. the only bad review gets from the user is program cursor annoying. But, definitely, the developers will solve this issue and will reach popularity in future.

How To Download And Install Remix OS for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Now, you know about Remix OS player, so just download the software and installed the app to feel the experience of your own.

  • Please download the Remix OS from the link given below.

Download Remix OS

  • After downloading the zip file, extract the zip file on your computer. In the extracted folder, you can see Remix 2.0 and Remix USB tool.
  • Then connect your pen drive on your PC, make sure it is the FAT32 format and has more than 8 GB capability.
  • Run Remix USB tool on your PC.
  • Then select ISO file of Remix 2.0 OS and choose USB stick which you want to bootable.
  • Click “OK” and wait for the process to complete.
  • Then reboot your PC or laptop into BIOS mode and select the pen drive in which you to installed the Remix OS 2.0
  • Select USB storage device as boot option under legacy mode on your PC.
  • Select either “resident mode” or “guest mode” on your PC.
  • If you select Resident mode, you can use two OS together. Remix OS will save you all data.
  • If you select guest mode, then it will be run for once and Remix OS does not save your data i.e. the data will be erased after rebooting the system.
  • Then choose options to depend on your need and proceed.
  • Finally, you successfully installed the Remix OS.

Note: please turn off Antivirus if you face any trouble.

How To Download And Install Remix OS for Mac OS

You can download and install the Remix OS on your Mac OS X computer system also.

The steps are,

Step 1: Convert Remix OS 2.0.iso to Remix OS.iso img file

In order to make a bootable USB, we should convert the Remix OS 2.0.iso to Remix OS.iso img file.

The steps are,

  1. Open terminal on your Mac device from a launch pad or by pressing command +space key and typing “terminal”.
  2. In terminal, type the following command and hit enter

Hdiutil convert –format UDRW –o

Desktop/Remix_OS.img Desktop/Remix_OS.iso

  • After that, the terminal will drop a new file named as Remix_OS.img.dmg on your desktop. Rename the Remix_OS.img.dmg to Remix_OS.img only.

Step 2: Format Your USB 3.0 Pen Drive to MS-DOS(FAT) format

  1. Plug in the USB 3.0 drive on your Mac OS X drive.
  2. Open the disk utility on your Mac OS and select the device you plugged in.
  3. Select format as MS-DOS(FAT) format and  In the partition map” scheme, select “Master Boot Record”.
  4. Click on “Erase”. That will completely erase the data of your USB device and

Remix OS 2.0 will be written on to it.

Step 3: Make The USB Bootable Using UNetBootin To Boot Remix 2.0

  • Download the UNetBootin from the given link and installed the app on your PC.
  • Open UNetBootin by double click on the icon or right click and choose “open” to open the application
  • Click on the”disk image” option on the UNetBootin app
  • Now, click on the 3 dot lines in the same line where disk image is and to select a Remix_OS.img file from your desktop.
  • Now, there will be “floppy” appearing on the right side of the “disk image”.
  • Click on the “floppy” and change it on to “ISO”.
  • Click on “OK” button and it will start writing the Remix OS 2.0 to bootable Remix OS 2.0 USB.
  • Wait for 10 – 15 minutes to complete the process.

Step 4: Boot into Remix OS 2.0

Now, we will go to boot Remix OS 2.0 to your computer.

The steps are,

  1. Shut down your Mac OS system.
  2. Be sure the USB 3.0 is plugged into your device.
  3. Now turn on your Mac OS or Mac OS computer, press and hold “option” key to get into the Boot menu of your system.
  4. In the boot menu, it will ask you whether you want to boot into Macintosh HD or Windows. If windows don’t appear on the screen, there is something wrong. So repeat the first three steps until windows also appear along with Macintosh HD.
  5. Click on “Windows”, then the Remix OS will boot up now.
  6. It will ask you whether “guest mode” or “resident mode”. In guest mode, the data will erase after rebooting. But, in the resident mode, the data will not be erased. So choose “resident mode”.
  7. Wait for few minutes until Remix OS sets up completely for you.
  8. Once resident mode setup has been done, it will boot you into the Remix OS.

Dual Boot of Remix OS for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10

This method is used for the advantages it offers such as

  • Your Remix OS will stay on your computer; you don’t need to use USB drive to boot your Remix OS.
  • Your Windows OS will be untouched. So you don’t get worried about your Windows OS.
  • On every boot, you can choose either Windows or Remix OS on the home screen.
  • No need to change BIOS from UEFI firmware to legacy and any other.( this is suitable for all 64-bit system)

To dual boot of Remix OS for Windows steps are mentioned below:

Step1: Determine your Bios mode

  • Go to start->>run or Windows key +R to open RUN.
  • Type “msinfo32” and enter “OK”.
  • It will show system information. From that, you will know your system is either UEFI or legacy.
  • It is important to know what BIOS mode are you have. It will help you later.

Step2: Disable Secure Boot

Secure boot is a feature of Microsoft that will reject other Operating System in order to provide security from any malware.

If secure boot enables, it will never allow you to boot another operating system such as Remix OS.

  • Go to Settings->> change PC settings
  • For windows 8 go to General->> Advance startup->> Restart now or in windows 8.1 go to update and recover->> recovery->> Advance startup->> Restart now
  • After that it start restarting and shows some options. In that select “troubleshoot” option.
  • In “Troubleshoot” menu, go to Advanced options->> UEFI Firmware settings->> Restart
  • The bios screen will appear, in that select boot tab and disable the secure boot option by clicking on it.
  • Before exit, save the changes you did by clicking F10.

Step 3: Create A New Partition To Install Remix OS For PC

Remember the newly created drive should at least 20 GB space.

  • Right-click on Windows button ->> click Disk management then the disk management dialog box will appear on the screen.
  • Right -click on any Drive that has 20 GB free space except the C drive and click on a “Shrink Volume”. Then the shrink dialog box will appear on the screen.
  • Enter the amount of space as “20000 MB” and click “Shrink” button.
  • Then you can find a blank unallocated space of memory 19.5 GB that is the volume we shrank.
  • Right click on Blank space and click on “new simple volume”. Now the New simple Volume Wizard will load on the screen.
  • Then click “next” and ask for volume size keep it as it is. Click “next”.
  • Then it will ask for format partition, just choose file type as “NTFS”, allocation unit size as “default” and click “next” button.
  • Click “Finish”.
  • Successfully you created a new partition on your computer and you will load the Remix OS on this partition.

Step 4: Steps To Dual Boot  Remix OS with Windows

  1. Download the Remix OS For PC from the given link. There are two versions such as Legacy and UEFI, select the one you need.
  2. Extract the zip folder, after downloading.
  3. Download the Android x86 installer exe file from the given link below.
  • Download Android x86 for Legacy BIOS Mode.
  • Download Android x86 for UEFI BIOS mode.
    1. Download the Android ISO file from the given link here.
    2. Next, Choose the “Android image ” as” Android ISO file” as you downloaded earlier and not the Remix OS.
    3. Then select the “target drive” as the “new partition with NTFS type” you created some minutes ago.
    4. Choose “data size” as per you need, it will be internal memory. Choose at least 2 GB.
    5. Click “Install”, wait for some time the process to complete.
  • After installing, the dialog box will appear that shows “install done” click “ok’.
  1. Now go to the drive you created and installed the Android now.  Click on “AndroidOS” folder, there you can find some files. Delete the file named as “ system.sfs”.
  2. Now go to the extracted Remix OS folder, and copy the following files and paste the copied files into Android OS folder.
  • initrd.img
  • kernel
  • ramdisk.img
  • system.img
  • While pasting it will ask for replacing or skip files. Please select “replace files in the destination”.

Step 5: Download The grub.cfg File To Navigate

    1. Download the grub.cfg file from here and save it in a folder and it makes easy to navigate.
    2. Go to Start->> cmd, open command prompt as administrator.
    3. Type command as mountvol B: /s and press enter.
    4. Type command as  B: and press enter.
    5. Type command as cd efi\Android
  • Type the command as copy <location of grub.cfg> grub.cfg .
  • <location of grub.cfg> denotes the location where you saved the grub.cfg file.
  • For example, if you save the file in default chrome downloads folder then it will be as

Copy C:\users\<username>\Downloads\grub.cfg grub.cfg

  • If you saved it in E drive then the command will be

 Copy E:\Downloads\grub.cfg grub.cfg

  1. It will ask you Yes/ No/ Cancel. Please type Yes and enter.
  2. The above commands will not harm your computer or windows. Hereafter it will ask every time you boot your system, select Windows or Remix OS depend on your choice.
  3. Now, restart your computer.
  4. It will ask which operating system to boot while restarting. Click on “change defaults or choose other options” displayed on the screen.
  5. Then click” choose other options”.
  6. Now select “use a device” option available on the screen.
  7. Next, select “Android OS” from the options. wait until it will automatically boot itself to android OS.
  8. Finally, you successfully booted Remix OS for your Windows system.
  9. Next time, whenever you power on your computer it will show options Remix OS and Windows. Select the OS you want to perform depend on your need.

Dual Boot of Remix OS for PC Mac OS

You can install the Remix player on your Mac OS computer also. Dual boot remix OS on Internal hard drive means, you keep maintain Remix OS on your computer permanently and you can jump between the OS when booting your computer by selecting either Mac OS or Remix OS. It never affects Mac OS drives. So you don’t worry about the secure level of your documents and other apps installed on your Mac OS on your PC.

The steps are,

Here we use UNetBootin and rEFInd boot manager utility. UNetBootin is the only application available for Mac to make a bootable USB drive and rEFInd boot manager utility that helps you to set up dual boot Remix OS in your System and gives you a pretty GUI with boot options.

    • Download the Remix OS from the link here.
    • Download the UNetBootin from the given link.
    • Download the rEFInd boot manager utility from the given link.

“Step 1: Creating” A Partition on Mac Drive or SSD

  • On your Mac system, open a spotlight by pressing CMD + Shift.
  • Search for the Disk utility on Mac OS, and open it.
  • Now, choose your Mac Drive and click on it for the partition.
  • By using “ + “ sign increase the size as 20 GB or more and give a name like Remix OS and choose the format as “MS-DOS”.
  • Hit on “Apply” to save the changes.

Step 2: Create a Remix OS Bootable drive

  1. Open the UnetBootin app by double click on the UNetBootin icon. In the newer version, Mac OS, right-click on the UNetBootin icon and choose “open” to open the application.
  2. Choose disk image and browse for the Remix OS ISO file.
  3. Leave the type to “USB drive”.
  4. In drive, choose the internal partition or USB drive. If you created the single partition as explained in this tutorial, then your partition drive should be disk0s4 and for USB drive it should be like disk1s1.
  5. Now, click “ok” to continue the process.

Step 3: Installing rEFInd Boot Manager

Disable The System Integrity Protection (SIP)

  1. Power off your Mac system.
  2. Press Power button to turn ON MAC.
  3. As soon as you hear the startup sound, press CMD + R to go to the Recovery.
  4. In recovery, choose Utilities->> Terminal.
  5. In the terminal, type the following command and hit enter.

csrutil  disable

  • After that, restart your Mac.

Steps To install rEFInd

  • Open the terminal and Open the rEFInd folder on another side.
  • Then drag and drop the refined-install file on the terminal.
  • Hit enter to install the rEFInd.

Step 4: Installing Remix OS For PC

Finally, we will install the Remix OS on Mac,

  1. Power off your Mac system completely, No Restart!
  2. Now power on your Mac system.
  3. You will see rEFInd boot manager with some boot options. In that, choose the one which has three circle icon.
  4. This will take you to the installation menu. Here you choose a resident mode and press E to edit the boot commands.
  5. Then replace the code,




  1. Now press F10 to continue the Boot. It will take some minutes may be 15 to 20 minutes, so be patient.
  2. Well done! Finally, you have installed the Remix OS successfully.

How To Install The Google Play store on Remix OS

Remix OS comes with a lot of features. But there is no built-in Google play store and services in it. But don’t worry.  We can install the Google Play store and services after booting Remix OS on your computer. It will take some minutes to install the Google play store on your computer. After installing Google play store on your computer, you can download Android apps directly from Google play store.

The steps are,

  • Download and install GMInstaller.apk file on your Remix OS. You can directly download this app by Remix OS browser or copy this file to your Remix OS using your USB drive.
  • Now, click on the app drawer icon on the bottom left corner and open GMInstaller application.
  • There are two options are shown. They are one-click to install Google services and one-click to stop Google services.
  • Select one-click to install Google services to enable Google services on your Remix OS.
  • Once done, go to app drawer and select “settings”. In settings, open applications and locate the Google services.
  • Now, clear the cache of Google play services and restart your Remix OS.
  • Now you can use the Google play store to download a variety of Android applications.

How To Root Remix OS (install SuperSU)

The official version of Remix OS does not come with pre-rooted. But you can root your Remix OS and get the super user access inside your Android.

To root the Remix OS follow the steps mentioned below,

  1. Download the zip folder system.img from here.
  2. Now, unzip the file or extract the file. You will see a file named as System.img
  3. Copy the system.img file and paste the file into Remix OS installation directory.
  4. If you had installed your Remix OS player on your USB drive, then just insert the USB flash drive and open the folder. Navigate to the location where the other Remix OS files are burned and paste the file copied file inside in it.
  5. If you had installed the Remix OS on your internal hard disk of PC, then just open the folder where Remix OS is installed and Navigate to the location where the other Remix OS files are burned and paste the file copied file inside in it.
  6. It will ask whether you want to replace or skip files, select Replace the files in the destination.
  7. Wait for some time till it completes pasting of the system.img file to the folder specified.
  8. Now, reboot your Remix OS in the way you installed it on your computer either via USB Drive or Dual Boot.
  9. After Remix OS starts, click on the start button at bottom left corner. It will show the apps installed on your Remix OS.
  10. There you can find the app named as SuperSu preinstalled because just a few minutes ago we place a copy of the system.img file on your Remix installation directory.
  11. Open SuperSu app->>click on continue for binary updates->> click on normal method. Wait few minutes till it updates binaries via the internet.
  12. After updating, it will ask for rebooting, so click on reboot and then restart the Remix OS.
  13. Well done! Remix OS is successfully rooted.

How to check root Status of Remix OS for PC

To check and verify your device has been rooted or not, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Download the Root Checker app from Google play store of Remix OS or from Remix OS Browser or from the link given here.
  2. After downloading the app installed the app on your Remix OS.
  3. Open the Root Checker app, it will load some pop-ups and accept them and thereafter, you will come to the main screen of the app.
  4. You can see the option, “verify Root” status button on the top of the main screen and click on it.
  5. Then Root checker ask for you for Superuser permissions.
  6. Grant it for superuser permissions.
  7. Then it will show you “ congratulations! Root access is properly installed on this device” if your device rooted correctly

Hence your Remix OS successfully rooted and verified now!

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