How To See Who Viewed Your Instagaram Profile

Hello guys, in this techie world we will be happy if everything came transparent on our day to day life apps using in our mobile. The way transparent is viewing profile notification. Imagine if you got a notification for someone who viewed your profile then how it would be if you need this notification you need to follow some below steps. Not all apps we are not going to show we are going to give some tricks for who viewed your Instagram profile.


Instagram is a social networking site where you can upload your status, your pic, and much more, and it is also a platform where the celebrities were connected with their fans and share their social life.

Nowadays the most of the people are not googling any of the places they just go to Instagram and find their profile and get information about that place, so that much Instagram has a scored points on our day to day life.

Methods to Find Who Viewed your Instagram Profile:

How it sounds that, you could able to view who views your profile using a certain number of mobile apps. Let us see some,

Followers Insight : 

An app with a simple and easy user interface for providing data for that who viewed your profile is here. This app not only provides you who viewed your profile, but it also gives a notification for who followed your profile and who unfollowed your profile and also who blocked you. SO you can watch the activities of your profile by using this app. You can easily know who viewed your Instagram profile in your profile.

Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile App:

An application which is used to track all your Instagram data and analytics-based about who viewed your profile, who viewed your photo status and much more. This app gives a clear statistics about who viewed your profile and how many times, so installing this app will give more information about your Instagram personal.

Who Viewed My IG insta profile App

This app is not present in the play store you can download directly from googling and install in your device manually. This app is pretty faster and easier one for tracking the status of your Instagram account. It will notify you who is viewing your profile and who are much interested in watching your Instagram account and posts.

Playstore link: not available in play store just Google and get.

Views for Instagram app

This app is one of the best options for only see who viewed your Instagram photos how much reach it gets and analytics. If you guys only need to know the reach of your post, then this app will be the amazing one so you can download and make use over it.

Social plus app

This is also a kind of app which gives us an accurate result for who viewed your Instagram profile; this is a free app too. You can get it to form your mobile app store and make use over it. It gives result for who viewed your profile, post. This also notifies you who followed, unfollowed, and blocked you.

Social View for Instagram

This app is used to see the viewers who viewed your profile for free, and also in-app purchase; this will provide a result of analytics about your Instagram profile, This app is an iOS application where iPhone users get amazed over this.


This application is also an iOS application which is used for apple users to detect the information about the people who viewed your profile; you make this feature on for 24 hours to see who viewed your profile. This app is easy to manage and use.


This app is available in both iOS and android, where both the users could download and see who viewed your Instagram account, This app allows you to view the last or recent 200 views in this app.

Keep Your Account Private:

We know some ways that how to view who viewed our Instagram profile, so to be aware from the above steps from others we need to make our account private, we have also provided how to safeguard our Instagram account so you guys can follow the below step and create your account safer from others.

  • Just go to Instagram settings and navigate to the private account.
  • Just turn on that toggle option to make your account private.

By making your account private, this will show your profile page and post only to the people in your friend list, so the untrusted people by (i.e.) who were not in your friend list will not be able to view your Instagram profile.


I think that you guys have noticed somewhat information from our page, so be safe in using your Instagram account by making private, and cause your profile sight away form malware.

Some apps may get removed from play store if you find any google about that app.       

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