How To Solve Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Problem

Instagram is a social networking app which is used to post pictures and stories of your moment where your followers could like comment your photos. It works fine for most of the time for some time it will give an error message called “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” for no proper reason. It makes user annoying and irritable too.

To fix this issue, we have several steps to fix this issue. Majorly this issue appears on the iPhone. Let’s see what we have to do to fix this issue in this article.

Network error

The primary reason for this error is your mobile network issue. If you get this error first check your internet connection is reliable or not. You can check it by going to safari browser and type Google whether you get result quicker or not. If your search takes time, then it is your network connection problem.

Slow loading of data packets:

If your signal strength is strong and you have active data plans, and you are in a crowded place where all are using their data packs, then you will face this issue. Because all were using their data so due to traffic, it gets slow to scroll or refresh Instagram; you will face this issue.

Steps to Follow to Fix the Feed Refresh issue:

Update your app:

Before you start troubleshooting first check your side whether you have an updated Instagram or not. To check this first go to the app store on your iPhone and click updates were the apps with new updates will get listed find among them whether Instagram is present or not. If Instagram is present, update your app and continue otherwise move to step 2.

Check the internet connection:

As we already discussed that this issue might occur due to an internet connection. Check with your connection is in 4g mode and with good signal strength. You can check whether your network connection is faster or not by search Google on your safari.

Restarting iPhone:

Sometime the app may be stuck with some of the functionality of the mobile so to overcome this a soft restart may help you more time. So making a restart will give your mobile a newly refreshed connectivity and clear any internal memory problems on your phone. This step may help you, moreover.

Reinstalling Instagram:

If you came to notice that other apps in your mobile work fine, but you are only facing this issue with Instagram means you could follow this step. Simply uninstall the Instagram app and reinstall it again from the play store.

Uninstall: find the Instagram app in the home screen and long press on it now the X mark will appear to click and press delete option on your iPhone. Now the app will get uninstalled.

Reinstall: Now go to the app store and search for Instagram in the search bar and find the Instagram app from the result and install it.

Now check whether your problem has been fixed or not.

Avoiding double hashtags problem:

A lot of users reported that double hashtags in the comments are causing this issue. So the comments like double hashtags and unwanted symbols may cause the app operations to fails and might be a possible one.

To fix this: log in your Instagram account in the browser and find the unwanted symbol in the comments section and delete it.

Logging out and Logging in

Simple logging in and logging out will also cure this issue. This may help you in excellent time. First, log out of your Instagram form the app and the browser, and wait for a minute and now again log in. The login out and logging in will make your feed to refresh from the start, so this will clear this issues some times.

Raise feedback to Instagram

If all the above steps were tried and still you face this issue means then go to the app store and search Instagram and click details and go to reviews and tap the new document icon and find the report a problem icon. This will email what the problem you are facing to the Instagram developers. They will get in touch with you after they get received and fix your problem as soon as possible.

Conclusion :

So above are the possible solutions to get the Instagram news feed issue to troubleshoot and fix by yourself. Majorly the problem will get resolved by till the 6th step if not you may proceed with the 7th step. So follow the above steps and kindly check our page for more day to day updates.

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