Top 20 Secure Best Text Messaging Apps For Android in 2018

Let us see a top 20 secure best Text Messaging Apps for Android in 2018.  Here we will share about amazing Text messaging apps that apps are really wonderful with amazing features. So, everyone wants to download these amazing Text messaging apps because they are the best messaging apps on the market.

secure best text message apps for android

Text messaging is one of the popular and best ways to interact with people across the globe. You can send messages while hearing songs; it doesn’t require full attention like call a someone and speak with them for hours. You can do all other works while texting with your friends without any interruption. If you lack internet connectivity, then you can use text messaging app to send a message to people. This is not possible your friends or family or Peers always on online, so use Text Messaging to connect with people.

Today, most of the people use Android Phones due to the exciting features and Apps. If you have an Android phone, then it will definitely provide stock apps that include some default SMS apps. You can use those apps for sending messages to people. But, they are really horrible! Because the default Android SMS apps are always lacking in features.

Everyone uses texting apps like Whatsapp, Snap chat nowadays. Compared to them, your default Android apps are very simple and you can only send text messages to your friends. This will make your conversation too boring and not interested. Also, everyone needs all in one and encrypted messaging app for their Android Device.

But, don’t worry! To solve the problems of your default SMS apps, you can download the best text message apps from Google Play store for your Android Phone. These apps definitely make your conversation exciting and always interesting by providing a variety of new features like emojis, themes, etc.

In Google play store, choose Best Text Messaging app that suits your interest and personality.  So, select best text message app for your android phone and make your conversation more and more wonderful than your default Android SMS app.

Here we listed out some of the wonderful best text messaging apps for your Android phone and it will definitely give you an amazing experience of Texting. In the list, each app is the best in its own way. So, select the best text message app for your Android phone based on your interest and personality. It always gives you excellent experience and enjoyment.

Best Text Messaging Apps For Android:


Textra is the best text messaging app for your Android phone or tablets which have wonderful Material design user-interface. This app is very popular SMS app and a highly stylish app to send messages to your friends. Textra app offers 100 of themes and skin. This app turns visually more beautiful after integrating with Android Lollipop 5.0.  So, replace your native app with this best text messaging app. you can send both SMS and MMS to the people. It is open source app and free to download.

Textra Messaging app is only 3 MB, so it can be run on any low-end Android phones without making a system slow. It is a fast and smooth app to send messages with a lot of features like themes, GIF, light and Auto night mode, Dark mode option, 21 text sizes,  delay send a message, quick reply pop-up, blocker/blacklisting, auto video compression mode, dual sim, muti-select picture gallery, etc.

Textra is the wonderful text messaging app and suggested by most of the users.  it has a lot of amazing features. some of the features are,

  • Textra has great design and simple user-interface. So, users can access this app without any difficulty.
  • Textra is a small 3 MB app. but, it offers a number of features.
  • Textra supports both SMS and MMS.
  • Textra offers hundreds of themes to make chat are more pleasant.
  • Textra offers 21 text size and you can send GIFs in a chat.
  • You can block the spam messages and It has a quick reply in a pop-up, Auto image and video compression, quick snap camera and best  MMS group messaging.
  • Textra saves images and videos automatically on your phone.
  • Textra allows a delay to send SMS prevents the message sending to a wrong person.
  • Text allows Mute individual and group messages.
  • It allows users to take an SMS backup and restore.
  • Textra has 1000+ emojis and can compatible with Android wear and PushBullet.

Text messaging app allows the users to use the most of the features for free. But, there is a single in-app purchase for $ 2.99 to unlock a pro version of Textra.

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is one of the best Text Messaging app that is used from the past. It is really a best Texting Android app from third parties. This app has ten millions of active users. it is the best replacement for stock apps. Chomp SMS has a wonderful user interface with a variety of features. this app is easier to run and also very fast.

Chomp SMS was developed by the Textra developers. So it also has many amazing features like Textra. This app has features like large collection of themes, quick reply, SMS blocking, effective group messaging, SMS and MMS backup and restore, stop a message while sending, Blocker/Blacklisting, Multi-select gallery, Dual SIM, pin favourite messages on top, scheduled SMS senders, privacy options, you can customize anything on Chomp SMS app, etc.

The features are,

  • It has In-Built app locker, Digital signatures for privacy, protect data by giving a password.
  • It provides 100’s of themes, 1600+ emojis.
  • It allows Schedule the messages, pin the favorite message on top, Backup and restore the data, blocks people, sends quick replies to the people.
  • It allows a user to stop a sending message, participate in group messaging and blacklist the contacts.
  • The user can customize screen color, LED color, font types, size and background wallpapers.
  • This app can compatible with Mighty SMS, PushBullet.

Champ SMS is available for free with in-app services.

Evolve SMS

Evolve SMS has an excellent user interface and plenty of features. this app available on Google play store. Evolve is a free messaging app.  by using Evolve SMS app, you can send/receive images, GIFs, Audio and videos without any complexity.

Evolve text messaging app allows themes, group message, lock screen widgets, clutter-free user interface, emoji icons,  delete SMS conversation in bulk,  scheduling the SMS, Android Wear support, etc. this app look like Google+. This app is free but some of the features unlocked by in-app purchase. The password protection, customizable notifications, Android Wear and much more supports is available on the free version. So, it considered as one of the best messaging apps.

The features of Evolve SMS app are,

  • This app is completely free.
  • Clutter free user –interface and variety of unlockable themes.
  • It has Facebook integration.
  • Protect personal conversation using a password.
  • It provides full Multi-media support.
  • It supports Android Wear, SMS scheduling.
  • It allows to the lock screen widgets.

Evolve is available for free and some of the features unlocked by in-app not worry! Most of the best features are available for free in Evolve SMS app.

Handcent Next SMS

The Handcent Next SMS text messaging app is one of the best messaging app. like Chomp SMS, it is also third party app and it is one of the best third-party apps available on Android.  It has 1500+ emojis and stickers which don’t need a word to type, all feelings of the user can easily express using emojis and stickers.

It has standard features like other messaging apps such as a number of themes available for free, emojis, SMS backup, privacy box to store the private conversations of the user, scheduling the messages, pop-up service, Dual SIM and much more. You can send free text messages online to the people who also installed the Handcent Next SMS app. Private box protects your personal conversation that is accessible by only your password from unwanted people.

The main feature of Handcent Next SMS is Handcent Anywhere. This feature allows you to send messages from your PC or MAC or Tablet without touching your Android phone. You can block unwanted persons and their spam messages. Another feature is Handcent talk, which allows you to make calls over the internet.

The features are,

  • You can customize themes, font colors, size, etc.
  • Private box to protect your data.
  • You can send the bulk of SMS and can take SMS backup.
  • Handcent Anywhere allows you to send messages from anywhere.
  • You can schedule your messages, participate in group chats and send/receive vCards to the people.
  • It provides a number of emojis, stickers, and e-cards.
  • It is multi-language supported.
  • It has Facebook integration.
  • Handcent Talk allows you to make free calls over the internet.

It can be downloaded for free and most of the features are available for free. some features are unlocked by in-app purchase.

This app is available for free with in-app purchases.


QK SMS is one of the best Messaging apps. QK SMS is simple but has a fluid interface with powerful design and vivid colors. So, it attracts the users easily. QK SMS is one of the open source code text messaging app and it will never push ads on your screen. So, you can text pleasantly with this app.

QK SMS is available as free and premium versions. You can unlock the advanced features by paying          $ 1.99. The free version includes themes, night mode, quick reply, and group messaging. In pro version QK SMS app, unlock dozens of themes and switch to night mode automatically according to the time of the phone or on the internet.

But recently, QK SMS has no in-app purchases. So you can download and installed the app FREE on your Android device. So you can enjoy all the features of QK SMS are available for free. so, it is a best chance to install QK SMS app.

The features are,

  • It supports Android Wear.
  • Ad-free environment.
  • A wide range of themes available for night mode.
  • Safety from stage fright MMS exploit.
  • Full customization app, Material design and provides security to protect data.
  • Quick reply, delay messages, group messaging is allowed.
  • Night mode is available and automatically switches to night mode according to time.

Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro has amazing features and 100 million users. it was developed by Go Dev Team.  It is safer and faster messaging app for Android. So, definitely, it will be called as a one of the best text messaging app icon. It has plenty of features like hundreds of themes, emojis, stickers delay message sending,  block SMS, Dual SIM support, privacy box to protect a chat via password and much more.

Free and paid version of Go SMS Pro is available. The free version has ads and some themes are locked.

The features are,

  • Effective customization options are available.
  • Easy to use and more convenient way for texting.
  • Private box to protect your personal conversation.
  • Using Go Chat, sent text messages on online for free.
  • Schedule SMS/MMS, quick replay and pop-up options and SMS blocker.
  • Delayed message sending and dual SIM support.
  • You can backup the data and restore on to the cloud.

This app is free to download. It is a freeware. It has some in-app purchases to unlock additional features. pro version offers unlimited cloud storage, VIP themes, etc.


YAATA SMS is an up-to-date SMS messenger.  YAATA SMS app uses Material design and it looks too goo than your stock list apps. It has plenty of features including group chat, quick reply, pop-up options, schedule message and much more. It has complete MMS support that allows you to send/receive messages, audio, video, GIFs over the internet.

There are two versions available such as free and premium. In premium version, it offers SMS blacklisting, Auto-responder, and Auto-responding, ability to take up and restore options.


My SMS is a powerful remote text messaging app. this app is free to download. By using My SMS app, one can send messages from Windows or MAC to Android devices such as tablet or phones. You can use your Android phone or mobile number for sending messages from computer to Android devices. You will receive calls notifications directly on your laptop or PC. You will send a reply by using your browsers. You can able to attend calls and can record your calls from your computer directly.

In your PC, you can see your complete android phone history. It is MMS supported. So, you can send images, video, audio, GIFs to Android devices.This app supports all web browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.You can connect with cloud services.

The features are,

  • It maintains sync between all messages and logs.
  • You can take Backup and restore data.
  • My SMS app compatible with any platform.
  • Send messages from computer using the phone number.

It is available as both free and premium versions. In premium version only you can access advanced features of My SMS messaging app.


HoverChat is a unique text messaging app also known as NinjaSMS. HoverChat is the app which allows pop-up windows for texting. it is not the only pop of incoming message and also it remains on the screen until you close it. By using, HoverChat, you can watch youtube videos and also communicate with your friends or family. You can communicate with people without leaving your current App.

It allows Multiple floating windows on the screen. You can drag and drop the bubbles and answer the multiple chats then it will appear several bubbles on the screen until you close it or reply it. These like bubbles in the messenger.

This app supports themes, emojis and much more. It also provides security by performing end to end encryption. The end to end encryption is only possible if the receiver who also install the Hoverchat his/her device.

It is free to download. Get premium version at $ 3.39 to unlock advanced features of HoverChat.

Google Messenger

Google Messenger is a dedicated texting app for Android in order to provide an effective text messaging. This app provides pleasant user interface designed based on Material design. The interface of Google Messenger is very clear and simple, so you can easily find contacts or other info.

By using Google Messenger, you can send a text message, images, audio, video to your friends or family. It offers features like group messaging, emojis, stickers, location sharing and much more.

You can block SMS senders if you don’t want receive messages from them and you can also unblock them. Google Messenger supports Android 4.1 Jellybean and newer editions.

Mood Messenger

It is a new and intuitive SMS App for Android. In Mood messenger, your mood will appeal on your SMS or MMS with the help of suggests emojis. The features are private chat, group messaging, themes, GIFs, Dual SIM support and much more.

When you are typing on the app, it will suggest you emojis depend upon the words written on the screen. This app is simple and effective at a time. You can change your default SMS content into unique by appealing your mood using emojis. You can mark the conversations as private for privacy options. It works like an instant messaging service and you can send free messages to your contacts.

The features are,

  • Predictive emojis texting.
  • You can customize your wallpapers, themes.
  • It has Media screen feature in each conversation, where all its images and videos are grouped.

Mood messenger is available completely free from Google Play Store.

Invi SMS Messenger

Invi SMS Messenger is a new messaging app for Android. It works as a both IM(Instant Messaging) and SMS app. invi Messenger app has pretty themes. You can make Beautiful themes for yourself. You can customize font color, size and chat’s colors. You can send messages to your friend even he/she doesn’t have any messenger or SMS app on their phone.

This app includes some built-in apps such as YouTube and games. So, you can text with your friends while hearing songs.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is an instant Messaging service as well as SMM app too. This app will combines Hangouts contacts and SMS contacts into a single app. so, it allows the user to send message or hangouts whenever he/she wants.

Google Hangouts is available at completely free from the Google Play.

Signal Private Messenger

Single Private Messenger is one of the best free messaging apps for Android. It is similar to other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Hangouts. But, it provides end-to-end encryption. This app based on Material Design and users can easily interact with this app through the wonderful user-interface. By using Signal Private Messenger, one can send free messages and even make phone calls. It allows group chat.

You can send messages to the person who does not have the app on their phone, in the form of simple message. This app is completely free. It doesn’t have any in-app purchases.

Sliding SMS

Sliding SMS is a messaging app which is modified version of Google Hangouts style messaging. It has a simple interface which makes users can easily access the app. it has a lot of bug in earlier. But, later version fixes the bugs and provides the features like emojis, themes, quick replies and pop up notifications. You can customize the color of apps and also you can hide or show your contact list.

you can get the app free from Google play store. It also includes in-app purchases.

Wive SMS

Wive SMS interface has a wonderful interface and focuses on the sending and receiving of the rich media. So, it is the greatest advantage of Wive SMS app.  The main interesting feature is, it will not show any ads on the app.

The features are,

  • No Ads.
  • Chatting with other Wive users freely over the internet.
  • This app allows interactive preview of SMS and links instead of complicated links.
  • It synchronizes other apps in order to share data between Wive users.
  • It allows users to watch youtube video or movies from your conversation area.


This messaging app for Android supports more exclusive features. Some of the features are supporting for emojis,  SMS, MMS, custom notifications. The custom notifications are LED color changes, ring tone, and vibration patterns.

There are two versions available such as Free and Premium versions. In the free version, you will get the basic features of Now SMS messaging app. In Premium version you can unlock a variety of themes, quick reply option, and other advanced features.

Pulse SMS

It is one of the best messaging apps for Android. It performs all the standard test like any other messaging SMS app performs. The specific feature is you can text from your PC, laptop, tablet and other devices. It supports dual SIM, SMS backup, blacklisting the phone numbers and much more.

The texting app part is completely free. But, people who want to text from computer or laptop or other devices should pay $ 0.99 per month or a lifetime fee of $ 10.99.

Mighty Text

Mighty Text app is not like other traditional messaging app. Here, you should sync your Android phone with the computer or laptop and then send/receive messages from your desktop.

  • Install it on your phone and sign in with the same account on your PC.
  • Now, send messages from phone and receive messages on a computer or laptop.

It is available in free and premium versions.

Hello SMS

It is a simple and messaging app. here, you can send messages to you family, friends or colleagues. There are features which in the normal messaging app. tap a profile of the user in your contact list and start a conversion.

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