Whatsapp Blocking Its Competiting Messenger Download Link


A new update of Whatsapp came this week works strange as told by the users of Telegram. They noticed that any telegram link ie. telegram.me or telegram.org send through their whatsapp messenger it not showing as an link just it shows like a text or it may be considered as an Malware. This make the telegram users angry and create disappointment.


Mostly everyone know that Telegram is the rapidly growing app against Whatsapp also it has more features those are not available in Whatsapp one of them is total number of persons in a group chat. Whatsapp only allows 100 members per group but Telegram allowed 200 persons per group even these also changed because now Telegram updated these to 1000 members per group also named it as an Super Group. In these recent update of Telegram only Group Admin can make changes like Group Name, adding or removing a user etc..

Now come to the point why whatsapp did these because more peoples are migrating from whatsapp to telegram due to their privacy issues also telegram is free for ever because it is open source. Due to this Whatsapp losing their users in order to prevent this they made this change to new update so that Telegram link can’t be opened easily through whatsapp messenger which are sent by Telegram users.

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